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Automorphism in a sentence

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1. An automorphism of a map is an isomorphism from the map to itself.
2. We introduce the conception of involutorial anti automorphism over distributive pseudolattices, define and get some properties of M-P inverse of matrix.
3. It is necessary to generate automorphism group of chemical graph in computer - aided structure elucidation.
4. In this paper, we study the automorphism of a type of non-associative algebra.
5. The outer automorphism group of the free product of two cyclic groups is constructed, and two exact formulas for calculating its order are established.
6. By an automorphism of a map M, we mean an automorphism of underlying graph X which can be extended to an orientation preserving self-homeomorphism of surface.
7. We can distinguish nonlinear automorphism of polynomials algebra by using the test polynomials.
8. The forms of any automorphism of the non-associative algebra are also given.
8. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
9. In other words it has a large automorphism group.
10. By using the theories in basic algebra about automorphism, left translation and normal subgroup, in the holomorph of G is discussed briefly, and several related conclusions are obtained.
11. Under this assumption, the present paper further gives a characterization for the automorphism group of C( G, S) in terms of the quotient di-graph and the kernel K.
12. In this note, we establish a mild condition on A such that every Jordan automorphism of A is either an isomorphism or an anti-isomorphism.
13. It is proved that a simple graph G is automorphism line graph if and only if the graph G is 2-regular graph.
14. According to the generator matrix of a linear code, automorphism group is studied.
15. In this paper, the endomorphism ring of a homocyclic group is studied, and the matrix representation of its automorphism group is given. Finally, the order of its automorphism group is calculated.
16. An element gis a test element of a group G if every homomorphism of G which keeps g fixed is an automorphism .
17. In this paper(, we define real form of infinite rank affine Lie Algebra and we also give its some types of compact real form which is proved unique under automorphism.
18. Quite often, it appears there are two or more distinct geometries with isomorphic automorphism groups.
19. Let N be a distributive prime near -ring , if N admits a nontrivial derivation or automorphism, then R is commutative.
20. To take another example, elliptic geometries with different radii of curvature have isomorphic automorphism groups.
21. Let G / H be a homogeneous symmetric space, where H is the fixed point set of an involutive automorphism of Lie group G.
22. Further, we can also define if a Coset graph is a graph representation, we note it GR for short, that is, the relevant group is exactly equal to the full automorphism group of the Coset graph.
23. And if we apply the same property to the identity automorphism , we get the closedness theorem for conjugacy classes of finite order in Lie groups.
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