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Waver in a sentence

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Synonym: falterfalteringflickerflitterfluctuateflutterhesitatehesitationquaverquivervacillatewaffleweaveSimilar words: waveslaveryon averageover and overhavecaveweaveleaveMeaning: ['weɪvə(r)]  n. 1. someone who communicates by waving 2. the act of pausing uncertainly 3. the act of moving back and forth. v. 1. pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness 2. be unsure or weak 3. move hesitatingly, as if about to give way 4. move or sway in a rising and falling or wavelike pattern 5. move back and forth very rapidly 6. sway to and fro 7. give off unsteady sounds, alternating in amplitude or frequency. 
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1. I'm afraid my concentration began to waver as lunch approached.
2. The students' attention did not waver .
3. They did not waver in their support for him.
4. Her steady gaze did not waver.
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5. Nothing could make me waver in my faith.
6. We were determined not to waver from our goals.
7. But the shaft of light didn't waver.
8. Grief teaches the steadiest minds to waverSophocles 
9. I consider buying it, but waver.
10. But Osborne did not waver from his game plan.
11. He listened to the muffled sound waver and fall in pitch, like a faraway siren.
12. Palm trees and crescent-shaped dunes seemed to waver in the heat.
13. That commitment can waver or disappear if the arguments of the philosopher or the historian appear to destroy its rational basis.
14. Whatever happened, she wouldn't let her determination waver over the rejection of the abominable Draper.
15. Bristow and Trevitt never waver in the closeness of their mutual dialogue and move easily between forceful classical dynamics and quiet self-containment.
16. Linder appeared to waver for a moment, like a leaf caught in a breeze.
17. Sue's gaze did not waver as she watched Pat leave.
18. I lay still, watching the moonlight waver on the wall.
19. When they went after something nothing made them waver, just as he had set after her.
20. This caused them to waver in their faith.
21. We will never waver in this position.
22. The disaster caused him to waver in his faith.
23. Persistence will enable us to succeed, and perseverance of the source is to do not waver in the least, we should take to achieve the necessary means to success.
24. They respond to it energetically and they are attentive and their attention does not waver.
25. Skarsnik, watching from his vantage point on the mountain slopes, saw his army waver.
26. He held the paper in both hands and he saw the paper waver in front of his spectacles.
27. For a few moments the whole Rebel line... seemed to waver....
28. Whitlock had found his animosity towards Mobuto beginning to waver as the day progressed.
29. Even the socially conscious Victorians allow their principles to waver on this question.
30. In writings about the Renaissance, its beginning may be seen to waver from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century.
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