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Visualise in a sentence

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Synonym: envisionfancyfigureimagepictureprojectseevisualizeSimilar words: visualizevisual inspectionvisualvisuallyconceptualisevaliserealisemutualismMeaning: v. 1. view the outline of by means of an X-ray 2. form a mental picture of something that is invisible or abstract 3. imagine; conceive of; see in one's mind 4. make visible. 
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1. We all can visualise a friend's face when he is away.
2. Though he described the place carefully, I couldn't visualise it because it was so different from anything I'd known.
3. We attempted to visualise the two major physiological states of upper gastrointestinal motility.
4. If you can visualise the shot there is a strong chance your body will respond and make a good swing.
5. Try to visualise the meaning of historical writing and thereby make the past come to life.
6. We may visualise them as wavelengths and orbits about a nucleus - with some similarity to a miniature solar system.
7. Equally though, nobody could possibly visualise the meteoric rise that lay ahead.
8. With her vivid imagination, Melissa could visualise the scene and it sickened her.
9. One can visualise this as a tree-like structure with broad categories branching out into narrower ones.
10. An attempt to visualise the proximal bile ducts resulted in a small perforation.
11. I could visualise the map, and the position of the village in relation to the coast where I had come ashore.
12. Always visualise your audience when practising, as this will help you in choosing the right tone for your voice.
13. She may even be asked to visualise the whole incident in a different way.
14. Or you may wish to visualise yourself having achieved something, such as a promotion or a new job.
15. If one tried to visualise what this thing looked like, you'd have to sort of think of a gigantic wombat on steroids.
16. Visualise how you will feel when you overcome this obstacle.
17. To help visualise their impact, the application places a virtual garden in the user's profile.
18. The whole development cycle is streamlined when the programmer can visualise and monitor program execution.
19. When you worked on the script with Anne-Louise Trividic, did you already visualise how the film would turn out?
20. Try to hear the sound of the water, feel its wetness against your skin and visualise its restless movement.
21. Items are imaginatively displayed within room settings, enabling you to visualise them in your own home.
22. Hence the optimists believe that it is difficult to visualise circumstances better suited to a successful devaluation than the ones currently offered.
23. If you want to remember a list of household objects – gherkins, cottage cheese, sugar and other items – then visualise them in an unforgettable manner[], he says.
24. During the first part I have to completely relax, then I have to visualise my goal and then for the last five minutes I have to wake myself up.
25. This might be hard for some people who can't visualise well, though.
26. In one study half the participants were instructed to visualise themselves feeling confident and relaxed at an upcoming job interview .
27. The feat is not just a parlour trick - it could help people visualise how light travels in the curved fabric of space.
28. The temptation during meetings or telephone conversations that you are not particularly engaged with is to start thinking about things. You visualise things such as holidays.
28. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
29. I found myself talking about a fluffy-clouds heaven in which I didn't believe because I wanted to give them something positive to visualise.
30. Psychological research shows that most people in the UK don't feel personally threatened by climate change because it is vague, abstract and difficult to visualise.
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