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Thrombocytopenia in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2017-09-17Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: pancytopeniathrombosisthrombophlebitiserythrocytethrombusprothrombinthrow openerythrocyte sedimentation rateMeaning: n. a blood disease characterized by an abnormally small number of platelets in the blood. 
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(1) These include leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, anemia, and atypical lymphocytes.
(2) He presented with fever, jaundice, thrombocytopenia, and haemorrhagic symptoms.
(3) Heparin - induced thrombocytopenia occurring after discontinuation of heparin.
(4) The main toxicities were leukopenia and thrombocytopenia.
(5) These patients were often associated with hypohemoglobinemia and thrombocytopenia.
(6) Blood examination showed leukocytosis, thrombocytopenia, and positive urinary protein, hematuria, urine inside membrane-like manifestations such as renal dysfunction.
(7) The most common grade 3/4 adverse events were thrombocytopenia (32%), mucositis (22%), neutropenia (22%), and anemia (18%).
(8) In the group of early death(ED), hyperleukocytosis and thrombocytopenia were principal causes.
(9) Immune mediated thrombocytopenia ( ITP ) is a common manifestation of autoimmune disease in children.
(10) Thus, leukemic patients are prone to anemia, thrombocytopenia, and granulocytopenia and all of the complications that ensue, particularly complications of bleeding and infection.
(11) On the 56th day of admission, tachycardia, thrombocytopenia and cardiomegaly were noted.
(12) Toxicity was primarily hematologic and involved neutropenia, thrombocytopenia and anemia.
(13) The presence of granulocytopenia or thrombocytopenia at the start of treatment does not contraindicate vincristine therapy.
(14) History of quinine, mefloquine, or quinidine-induced thrombocytopenia, hepatitis, bone marrow depression, lupus-like syn-drome.
(15) Haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS) is a life-threatening disease characterized by acute renal failure (uraemia), haemolytic anaemia, and a low platelet count (thrombocytopenia).
(16) In addition, cases of microangiopathic hemolytic anemia with thrombocytopenia were observed. Tarceva is Pregnancy Category D.
(17) No patient developed worsening of thrombocytopenia after drug withdrawal, thrombocytosis, thrombosis or malignancy, although the duration of the study was short.
(18) The results showed that stable thrombocytopenia, erythropenia and splenomegaly were presented in the dogs with splenic vein ligation, and the spleen was eligible for deploying RFA.
(19) Local application of platelet concentrates shows potential in treating diffuse mucosal haemorrhage due to thrombocytopenia.
(20) Objective:To observe the effect of different extraction sites of peanut seed coat on mice with thrombocytopenia in the bone marrow megakaryocyte number.
(21) We report a 39 year - old female with SLE who had acute myocardial infarction and profound thrombocytopenia.
(22) And the two functional fusion protein will be useful to the cancer patients who receive high dose chemotherapy and complicate with cytopenia , especially anemia and thrombocytopenia.
(23) The groups did not differ in the incidence of loss, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, hyperlipidemia, nausea, or anorexia.
(24) Results the patients who had positive ACA and PAT hold marrowbone in the patients who had thrombocytopenia in gestational period.
(25) The results showed that the canine models were established successfully with stable thrombocytopenia, erythropenia , hypochromia, heightening of the pressure of splenic vein and splenomegaly .
(26) In this article, two effective cases on thrombocythemia and two on thrombocytopenia were given to illustrate how this theory was applied in clinical and this theory was worth of further study.
(27) HUS is characterized by acute renal failure, haemolytic anaemia and thrombocytopenia.
(28) Signs are similar to human disease , including anorexia, fever, and thrombocytopenia.
(29) Objective The previously reported clinical findings in patients with sea blue histiocytosis (SBH) in China included hepatosplenomegaly, anemia and thrombocytopenia.
(30) The petechial skin rash is related to rapid onset of thrombocytopenia. Presumably myriad fat globules become coated with platelets, thus depleting circulating platelets.
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