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Synchronizer in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2020-06-24Updated:2020-06-24
Similar words: synchronizesynchronizedunsynchronizedsynchronizingsynchronizationdesynchronizationsynchronicsynchroniseMeaning: n. an instrument that indicates whether two periodic motions are synchronous (especially an instrument that enables a pilot to synchronize the propellers of a plane that has two or more engines). 
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1. Undesirable automatic synchronizer and hand are moved and the net is a dynamo is invisible killer.
2. In order to control the synchronizer of turbine exactly and reliably, it must be changed the continuous adjustment used magnetic amplifier in conventional idea.
3. Atom clock synchronizer - synchronize clock of YOUR PC with atomic time server.
4. Metal forming: INA develops new manufacturing method for synchronizer sleeves ( used in Ford transmissions ).
5. Atom time clock synchronizer - synchronize clock of YOUR PC with atomic time server.
6. Distortion of automobile synchronizer gear sleeves will take place during the course of carburization and quenching.
7. A self-synchronous network together with its forced synchronizer switch for triggering the 3-phase SCR with single triggering signal supply is presented.
8. Synchronizer gear hub is made of PM, with more complex shapes and different thickness section.
9. Frame Synchronizer is one of the key devices in satellite ground receiving stations.
10. Reverse synchronizer and fransfer let the shift reverse with no shock and realize the 4 WD.
11. The material flow in steel synchronizer ring under top location mode is better than that under bottom location mode, which greatly benefits defects control.
12. This paper presents the theory of frame synchronizer and main technical issues involved. The design and construction of Synchronizer PS-100 is also presented briefly.
12. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
13. The Synchronizer is closing. Please wait while it finishes processing.
14. The Synchronizer allows you to synchronize folders, disks or computers.
15. The digital synchronizer transmitter can produce high precision synchronizer signal according to the given digital quantity, so it is often used in the advanced testing equipment.
16. An instance of synchronizer is already running. Cannot run more than one instance.
17. TheMFR 15 model includes a synchronizer and a load and power factor controller via discrete outputs to combine protection and control into one unit.
18. FileTiger is a high - power dual - window file synchronizer and backup tool.
19. The experimental results indicate that the application of PROM's multiple-input parallel addition network to the high-bit-rate programmable PCM telemetry frame synchronizer is successful.
20. The purpose of this paper is to analyses the structure, working principle and common troubles of twin cone lock ring synchronizer and to study the control methods and trouble shooting ways.
21. Manual transmission shift binding elements, including sliding gear, engagement sets, synchronizer, which synchronizer widely used in automotive transmission shift binding elements.
22. The whole circuit consists of Sample and Hold Circuit, the Multiplicative A/D Converter, the Sub-ADC, the Digital Calibration Circuit, the Clock Generator and the Time Synchronizer.
23. Precision forging is an important manufacturing procedure of steel synchronizer gear ring forming.
24. Level move is realized by the co-operation of oil vat, handspike and synchronizer.
25. Mechanical and pneumatic tailstocks, as an option with automatic synchronizer.
26. The main and the auxiliary cases shift by lock ring synchronizer and the reverse speed shift by joint sleeve.
27. This paper proposes the design of a symbol and earner synchronizer for Chinese DTTB system.
28. The surface of back taper part located in automotive synchronizer of a car is diffcult to machine.
29. The theoretic analysis and computation results show it greatly decrease the mean time of frame loss and amend the performances of SDL frame synchronizer.
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