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Desynchronization in a sentence

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Sentence count:18Posted:2019-09-08Updated:2019-09-08
Similar words: synchronizationsynchronisationsynchronizesynchronizedsynchronizingunsynchronizedsynchronicasynchronous communicationMeaning: n. the relation that exists when things occur at unrelated times. 
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(1) Alerting was indicated by the desynchronization of the EEG.
(2) The secrecy speech communication method resisting to desynchronization attacks is presented based on information hiding technology.
(3) This scheme took account of two kinds of desynchronization attacks: translation and scaling. Watermark was embedded by RDM and detected by the framework of joint synchronization and decoding.
(4) Minicirculation score was improved obviously and electroencephalogram desynchronization was induced after treatment in electroexcitation group.
(5) The desynchronization attack is very difficult to tackle and still an open question.
(6) In the meantime, mechanisms against desynchronization attacks and cepstrum filtering are introduced to enhance robustness.
(7) In addition, the method can resist temporal desynchronization such as frame dropping and insertion to some extent.
(8) To resist desynchronization attacks, a watermarking scheme using Rational Dither Modulation (RDM) based on Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) was proposed.
(9) In this paper, a new robust digital audio watermarking algorithm against desynchronization attacks is proposed, in which the audio statistic characteristics and synchronization code are utilized.
(10) A robust digital audio watermarking algorithm is presented, which can resist desynchronization attack effectively. We embed synchronization code by modifying the mean value of several samples.
(11) CONCLUSION: The mean phase coherence of EEG changed with time is coincident with event-related desynchronization and event-related synchronization.
(12) The paper will summarize the basic features and its application in heart failure with desynchronization motion.
(13) The approximate invariance of the middle frequencies energy relationship between video adjacent frames under photometric distortion and spatial desynchronization is discovered by analysis.
(14) Experimental results show that this scheme is robust to noise, median filtering, low-pass filtering, desynchronization attacks and so on.
(15) Behaviorally, the animals showed typical arousal with the appearance of EEG desynchronization, and sleepiness with the appearance of EEG synchronization.
(16) In this paper, a new robust image watermarking scheme against desynchronization attacks is proposed.
(17) Objective To examine the effect of visual working memory load on the event related EEG synchronization and desynchronization.
(18) The decoding convergence's difference of Low-Density Parity Check Code (LDPC) under frame synchronization and desynchronization was investigated.
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