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Surface area in a sentence

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Sentence count:126Posted:2017-04-25Updated:2017-04-25
Similar words: surfaceresurfacesurface levelsurface watersurface tensionsurface-to-air missileinterfacepoker-facedMeaning: n. the extent of a 2-dimensional surface enclosed within a boundary. 
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1) Its total surface area was seven thousand square feet.
2) The average body surface area is accepted as being I. 79 square meters.
3) Also a film presents less surface area to a chemical than does particulate matter.
4) The compact form presents a minimal surface area to the moving water and the large foot maximises adhesion to the rock surface.
5) Finally, the total exposed surface area of the asteroids is less than the surface area of the Moon.
6) A tree without leaves has a smaller surface area as compared with a tree with leaves which has a large surface area.
7) The microporous structure offers a high surface area 50% of which is inside the media.
8) The body surface area will not be used in the calculation since the clearance is being done on an average size adult.
9) Perhaps 10 percent of the surface area of the planet is dark, clear, and populated at any given time.
10) The surface area of a plate is reduced at a subduction zone whereas it is increased along a spreading ridge.
11) But the paraffin floats out, the greater surface area hastening the burning.
12) This reduces the perceived surface area.
13) The new set-up gives more surface area, says Mr Tomlinson, and should last much longer.
14) Good relationship exists among total pore volume, surface area and aromatic microcrystalline size in coal char.
15) What effect does emphysema have on the surface area of the lungs?
16) The simple determination of specific surface area for porous solids by ethanol - desiccator method is described.
17) The rate at which an ice cube melts depends on its surface area.
18) Its brain is quite small which means that the ratio of brain weight to brain surface area is also small.
19) Simply by growing larger, creatures suffer a continual decrease in relative surface area.
20) The aim was to get the weight as low as possible while at the same time maintain adequate surface area.
21) As it was getting colder, my body was automatically adjusting to reduce its surface area for heat loss.
22) Blagdon supply Bio-Filter Medium high-grade semi porous light clay granules with a large surface area.
23) The tension in the films draws them towards minimum surface area.
24) The undulations in Rough or Not paper allow the dusty pastel more surface area to grip to.
25) In fact the Ganges delta is witnessing a continued net growth in its surface area.
26) The experimental results show that the samples produced at lower precipitation temperature in a higher feeding speed have higher specific surface area but the crystallite shape appears imperfect.
27) Its common useis in conjunction with selective gas chemisorption for verification of metal surface area.
28) Write a JAVA class definition for a Cube object that has an integer attribute for the length of its side. The object must be capable of reporting its surface area and volume.
29) Being biconcave in shape allow RBCs to have a greater surface area and carry more oxygen through your body.
30) The theory of condensation on insoluble particles depends qualitatively on the reduced liquid surface area.
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