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Spenser in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2022-01-02Updated:2022-01-02
Similar words: dispensercash dispensersoap dispenserdispensesuspensedispensedacipenserin suspenseMeaning: n. English poet who wrote an allegorical romance celebrating Elizabeth I in the Spenserian stanza (1552-1599). 
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1, Spenser, however, does not literally mean the sword.
2, As indicated, Spenser was unsuccessful, his tract censored.
3, Spenser could consider himself a gentleman only on the basis of having been to university and acquired a Master of Arts degree.
4, Change haunts Spenser, even when he acknowledges that a providential order is operating.
5, Spenser is thinking of a class of person within a distinctive social framework.
6, Spenser makes it clear that the villeins are not individually dangerous to the superior knights.
7, Spenser should have stuck to his guns and been satisfied with unity of design.
8, Over the years his admirable private-eye hero, Spenser, has revealed intriguing depths of sensitivity and literary appreciation.
9, Under the guise of complimenting Elizabeth's mercy, Spenser is implying she is easily manipulated by others.
10, Examining Spenser and Ireland, therefore, raises more questions about relations between literary texts and historical contexts than it resolves.
11, Spenser was a sleazy grifter who said he had a lot of money.
12, Edmund Spenser is the most outstanding poet who lived between the age of Chaucer and that of Shakespeare.
13, None of England's pre-Miltonic poets -- Chaucer, Spenser, Shakespeare had dared to suggest -- and it would never have occurred to them to suggest that theirs was actually a divine vocation.
14, It rises in the Spenser Mountains and flows for 105 mi (169 km) to enter Cloudy Bay of Cook Strait.
15, This thesis attempts to study Edmund Spenser s unique recognition of love and marriage in Amoretti.
16, Edmund Spenser is one of the great forerunners of the poetic altar of the English Renaissance and is hailed as"the poets'poet".
17, Or, indeed, the reverse[], how does our understanding of Ireland currently impinge on our reading of Spenser?
18, The prospect of a civilisation being overturned by an allowed evil getting control is a real fear for Spenser.
19, I think in a lot of ways - and this could probably be said of Spenser as well - Milton is attracted to the excavation project.
20, It's almost as if we can hear Milton say, after he's given his own really quite elaborate display of allegorical poetry, "Thus Spenser relates, erring."
21, He's a better teacher than Scotus or Aquinas, and the text seems almost to suggest that Milton can't do without his own teacher, Edmund Spenser.
22, John Milton has made a mistake. He's made a literary mistake and, as I think all editors know, Spenser does not.
23, Okay. That's the end. I want to remind you a final time to look at your Spenser, the cave of Mammon episode, as well as Dr. Johnson's brief comments on Sin and Death.
24, The palmer accompanies him on all of his adventures but this one,[] and Spenser in stanza two of this canto makes a big deal of the fact that Guyon is descending in to the Cave of Mammon by himself.
25, There's a wonderful work of literary criticism -- I mentioned it last time --on Milton's indebtedness to Spenser in the book by John Guillory called Poetic Authority.
26, Jumping back three centuries from most of the works on this list, we have the poet Edmund Spenser.
27, I had begun to write poetry in imitation of Shelley and of Edmund Spenser, play after play for my father exalted dramatic poetry above all other kinds and I invented fantastic and incoherent plots.
28, The fact that Sabrina, this little character here, has her origin in Spenser is important.
29, Now those of you who have taken English 125 or any course that has asked you to read Spenser will recognize almost instantly I think, I hope, Milton's literary depth.
30, As depicted in a poem (written) by the English poet Edmund Spenser, nature is not only a mother but a judge, having jurisdiction over and doing justice to all creatures.
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