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Selling point in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2017-03-07Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: best-sellingpointillismpolling placeyellingdwellingsmellinggruellingcompellingMeaning: n. a characteristic of something that is up for sale that makes it attractive to potential customers. 
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1. Small classes are a selling point for private schools.
2. Its best selling point is the price - it's the cheapest on the market.
3. The 75's unique selling point was its Britishness.
4. Security features are a big selling point, too.
5. The C5's other selling point is its Hydractive 3 computerised suspension system.
6. Its innovation and principal selling point was that it bills by the second rather than by the minute.
7. Finding a Unique Selling Point for banking services is no easy matter these days.
8. Its chief selling point is the undoubted superiority of its after-sales service.
9. Its selling point is portability: it will fit into the palm of a hand.
10. The company says another possible selling point is that the program might make an attractive site for advertising.
11. To me, that is a good selling point.
12. That's our best selling point.
13. I think that would be a real selling point.
14. What is its selling point?
15. Quality and reliability became Toyota's selling point.
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16. Once a selling point for lawmakers, congressionally directed spending – otherwise known as earmarks or "pork barrel" projects – is becoming a liability for many incumbents in Campaign 2010.
17. The cheap price is the selling point of this car.
18. Much less, the sports event selling point no longer was also forced.
19. Selling point: Detoxification: This product can remove the toxin on the nasolacrimal duct and lymph-vessel, remove the free radicals, and prevent the formation of wrinkles.
20. Rather , the selling point should be the actual worth of the product.
21. With the Marquis, we all decided the strong selling point was the smoothness of its ride.
22. Very generous pupil - teacher ratios is a feature that prep schools use as a strong selling point to parents.
23. Corporations also believe that the name of their company is as important a selling point as are the names of individual products.
24. In jazz, sidemen often toil in the shadows, except in circles where obscurity is a selling point.
25. So, for example, the very existence of a product range is, in itself, a selling point for a product.
26. In the past, the white plastic casing of the notebook computer is a selling point.
27. The Orioles were a vocal harmony group, straight outta church, whose main selling point was a lead singer called Sonny Til.
28. You don't forget such episodes—the truly innocent at the mercy of the truly evil—and they lead directly into the absolutist morals of Larsson's books, which may also be a powerful selling point.
29. The rich and varied content, not just concentrated the grant style of lichi Tourism Festival, a blend of essential food parties, but amassed a major selling point for shopping and wonderful manners.
30. If interest rates have risen, an assumable mortgage at a low rate may prove a selling point for the property.
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