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Selector in a sentence

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Sentence count:107Posted:2017-07-19Updated:2017-07-19
Similar words: electorelectoralelectorateelectoral collegeselectlectorselectedselectiveMeaning: [sɪ'lektə(r)]  n. 1. a person who chooses or selects out 2. a switch that is used to select among alternatives. 
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(1) If it is selector trouble this is often possible to rectify by taking the top off the gearbox insitu.
(2) This information is used by the switching angle selector to set the correct D1 as the excitation trigger.
(3) He gave up stockbroking and became a selector and administrator, but in his later years was almost a recluse.
(4) In these, the modifier is the selector, and hence presupposes certain traits of the head.
(5) I turned the multicolored selector over and over again in my hands, treating the cards like rosary beads.
(6) But the group selector, like the main gear lever, does ask for more than average effort from its user.
(7) Allan Lamb had probably seen the same selector: he hit sixty for Northants, their top scorer.
(8) In so doing, this overrides the channel selector, bringing both channels into play at once.
(9) A type selector matches the name of a document language element type. A type selector matches every instance of the element type in the document tree.
(10) Mono selector: Yes, with LCD indication when stereo being decoded.
(11) The CS register has two parts:the visible segment selector part and the hidden base address part.
(12) In other words, a selector can dynamically re-route a service call to any other component at runtime.
(13) Set the main switch selector to M (manual). Make sure that the mode dial is set to either self-timer. , multi exposure, auto bracketing , continuous shooting, or normal mode.
(14) Right - click the row selector for the column and select Set Primary Key.
(15) Includes the TSS selector of the process that must replace the current one when an interrupt signal occurs.
(16) The block repair selector outputs a block repair selection signal for replacing the defective cell block with another cell block in response to a cell block address signal.
(17) The high-low button on the gear lever is a pleasure to work with; so is the forward-reverse selector.
(18) Hedge selection More than 30 prospective hedges to choose from in our comprehensive and detailed selector table.
(19) Inappropriateness is diagnosed by the fact that there exists a cognitive synonym of the selector for which the selectee is a philonym.
(20) Five years later - the Ashes series - he was a Test selector.
(21) The Daily Express even printed a sneering open letter on the front page at the gall of a selector picking himself.
(22) In front of the second dicky are the aforementioned fuel tank selector, cowl flap[], cabin heat and air controls and parking brake.
(23) The controls are standard volume and tone, with a three-way pickup selector switch.
(24) Card No. 3 has a new instruction: you will pull the selector lever on occasions and no needles will be selected.
(25) Here, tone and volume controls for each pickup are augmented by a three-way toggle selector.
(26) The Fmoc - Tyr - ( tBu ) - OH and Fmoc - Trp - ( Boc ) - OH was chirally separated withquinine as chiral selector by non - aqueous capillary ...
(27) As shown in Figure 1 - 2 , it can be thought of as a multiple position selector switch.
(28) Create a space and a mashup page, and drag the role selector widget and In-basket widget onto the mashup page.
(29) The voltage detector includes several sub-systems such as a multi-path selector, a buffer amplifier, a comparator, a 12-bit SAR ADC, a shift register and a status bar.
(30) From the mathematical model of inductance frequency detector, the response of frequency selector is calculated.
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