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Reversion in a sentence

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Synonym: atavismbackslidinglapselapsingregressregressionrelapserelapsingretrogressionretroversionreversalreverserevertingthrowbackturnaboutturnaroundSimilar words: reversibleirreversibleversionaversioninversionsubversionperversiondiversionMeaning: [rɪ'vɜrʒn /-vɜːʃn] n. 1. (law) an interest in an estate that reverts to the grantor (or his heirs) at the end of some period (e.g., the death of the grantee) 2. a return to a normal phenotype (usually resulting from a second mutation) 3. a reappearance of an earlier characteristic 4. turning in the opposite direction 5. returning to a former state 6. a failure to maintain a higher state. 
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1, I'm trying to prevent the reversion of my garden to nature.
2, This is a reversion to the system under which the Royals were paid for nearly 300 years.
3, The new procedures are being seen as a reversion to old, inefficient ways of working.
4, Enforcement following assignment of the reversion Liability of T towards L2 and vice-versa rests upon a statutory basis.
5, Romer and Rosenthal assume that the reversion level is exogenous.
6, But this was not a reversion to the pattern and processes of concentration typical of the 1950s.
7, In Fig. 11-9 assume that the reversion level is.
8, Beckham's arrival brought a reversion to a more familiar 4-4-2 with the substitute on the right wing.
9, If the reversion level is, the median voter may vote for an output of almost.
10, Symptoms of reversion to primitive superstition about death are contemporaneous with Romanticism.
11, Many Stags have undergone reversion transplants in the quest for originality.
12, Yet, as much as reversion to primitivism, so settling back into childhood enjoyment and innocence was undesirable to Eliot.
13, Pottz marks a reversion to unreconstructed virility symbol.
14, The system of reversion could also be used, as we have seen,[] to establish something near to defacto hereditary tenure.
15, Perhaps it was a reversion to humane behaviour after Stalin's terror techniques.
16, Both Nash reversion and Abreu's simple penal codes are subgame perfect equilibrium strategies and so satisfy this criterion of credibility.
17, The bureau still enacts the legally specified reversion level, which is still greater than the median voter's most preferred choice.
18, There was some reversion to polytheism and the religion became more magical and ritualistic than ethical.
19, There was the prospect of too good a fortune in reversion when Charles married Dina.
20, He resigned his office but was retained on the council when he announced his reversion to Roman Catholicism.
21, Thus the path could be thought of as a period of price warfare followed by reversion to collusion.
22, Engines are their trays of components are then brought together into the assembly area and a reversion of the tear-down process commences.
23, Pregnancy, however, is a relatively brief and dramatic bodily change, succeeded by reversion to something like the former state.
24, Our task is to guarantee that there will be no reversion to the past totalitarian regime.
25, On the other hand, aphids can infect raspberries with incurable virus diseases, and blackcurrant reversion is spread by big-bud mites.
26, A cautionary note, applicable to most variegated plants is the problem of reversion.
27, The recession of more recent years does not appear to have induced a reversion back towards multi-employer bargaining.
28, If the plan is not carried, then expenditure reverts to a pre-specified reversion level.
29, But this, being a deliberative move to impart false information, would be a reversion to the linguistic.
30, Any such level of output will put the median voter on a higher indifference curve than would the reversion level.
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