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Retrobulbar in a sentence

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1. Retrobulbar hemorrhage is a rare complication of blunt orbital trauma or periorbital, including cosmetic, surgery.
2. If a retrobulbar hematoma is associated with visual loss or increased IOP, immediate surgical decompression is indicated.
3. With retrobulbar disease, patients may present with proptosis, eyelid swelling and pain.
4. Retrobulbar hematoma was suspected and emergent surgical and medical treatments were instituted.
5. Peritoneal and retrobulbar injection of D-galactose or DL-phenylalanine can induce cataractous changes in rat lens.
6. Objective To probe into the long-term effect of retrobulbar injection of dopamine and vitamine B12 in children amblyopia.
7. Conclusions Hemodynamics changes of retrobulbar vessels in patients with diabetic retinopathy can be detected by CDFI, and it is helpful to evaluate the clinical diabetic retinopathy.
8. Objective To evaluate the clinical effect of retrobulbar injection of chlorpromazine so as to obviate pain of the patients.
9. Conclusion A lot of complications what caused by retrobulbar anesthesia and peribulbar anesthesia can be avoid with topical anesthesia in small incision non-phacoemulsification cataract surgery.
10. Conclusions Retrobulbar injection of chlorpromazine in the treatment of absolute glaucoma is a simple safe and effective method.
11. In this patient, ready visibility of the retrobulbar blood vessels was made by performing ophthalmoscopy alone, without the aid of either fluorescein or indocyanine green angiography.
12. Objective To explain the diagnosis and treatment of retrobulbar hematoma after eye - plasty.
13. Conclusion Bmode ultrasonography is of great importance in the clinical diagnosis of retrobulbar neuritis.
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14. We present four cases of retinal detachment due to the globes having been perforated by a retrobulbar injection.
15. Objective:To evaluate the direction value of perimetry in diagnosing and curing the acute retrobulbar neuritis.
16. Objective: To observe the efficacy of the large dose of methylprednisolone for retrobulbar neuritis .
17. Objective To determine iodine concentration of the rabbit vitreous body in the different time after prolonium iodide intramuscular or retrobulbar injection.
18. Objective To evaluate the efficacy of Cyclocryotherapy combined with retrobulbar injection of dehydrated alcohol in treating late neovascular glaucoma patients, that released their distress.
19. Objective To evaluate and compare efficacy and safety of subconjunctive and retrobulbar anesthesia for glaucoma operation.
20. Objective To evaluate the advantages and lacks of treatment of retrobulbar tumor with transcranial orbitotomy.
21. Retrobulbar hematoma results from facial trauma, a complication of orbital surgery, or retrobulbar injection.
22. Objective To determine whether lower blood velocities and high resistive index in the retrobulbar arteries are primary or secondary to glaucoma damage in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma.
23. Objective To study the effect of hyaluronidase on intraocular pressure(IOP) and indirect orbital tension(IOT)following retrobulbar anesthesia.
24. Conclusion:The direction value of perimetry is very good in diagnosing and curing the acute retrobulbar n...
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