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Recumbent in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-03-12Updated:2017-03-12
Antonym: uprightSimilar words: incumbentincumbencycumbersomeas cool as a cucumberrecurrentcecumsuccumblumberMeaning: [rɪ'kʌmbənt] adj. lying down; in a position of comfort or rest. 
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1. He looked down at the recumbent figure.
2. She looked at Timothy's recumbent form beside her.
3. Midwestern tourists stopped to consider the recumbent women.
4. One must have served as a recumbent tombstone, since it has a slot at one end to hold a vertical cross.
5. To his horror, he discerned a recumbent shape at the side of the line.
6. He could not, for he was lying recumbent and unconscious on the carefully tended garden.
7. And there was Iris Sunderby's recumbent body sprawled in the back.
8. He searched the recumbent form of his captive roughly and, straightening, tossed a slim package to Alexei.
9. The situation that mess has recumbent government and industry body must be changed now.
10. Orion appears in a recumbent position when he first enters the stage of sky.
11. Or a reader perching atop a recumbent hippo?
12. Recumbent animals exhibit opisthotonus, head tilt, strabismus and nystagmus.
13. Bicycles, bikes, MTB, mountain bikes , road bikes recumbent , components , gears.
14. It glided noiselessly towards the recumbent woman.
15. The assumption of the recumbent position is associated with shoulder pain.
16. She attacks, but never lets herself be drawn too far away from the recumbent, moaning body of her mistress.
17. In inter-continental collision orogens major sustained horizontal stresses can be generated which give rise to recumbent folds.
18. She musingly turned to withdraw, passing near an altar-tomb, the oldest of them all, on which was a recumbent figure.
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19. If a tank has gasoline inside, it has a full-length permanent manway on top, and, seen from the rear, is a recumbent oval.
20. The USS system is a favorite for 85 % of all recumbent trikes sold.
21. Like overturned fold, the rock sequence of one limb of the recumbent fold is overturned.
22. The pattern of paleofold in Xuefeng thrust nappe was near recumbent fold thrusting toward northwest Caledonian.
23. They were shaped like lotus petals , elephant heads , old men , recumbent tigers , hump - backed bridges, pillars.
24. If the axial plane of a fold is essentially horizontal. Then we call it recumbent fold.
25. In the centre of the burial chamber is a recumbent statue of Dr Sun Yat-sen by Czech sculptor Bohuslav J. Koci. Dr Sun rests in peace in a copper coffin underneath the statue.
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