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Ni in a sentence

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Sentence count:182Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2020-07-24
Meaning: n. a hard malleable ductile silvery metallic element that is resistant to corrosion; used in alloys; occurs in pentlandite and smaltite and garnierite and millerite. 
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1. It will recharge Ni Cad, Zinc-Chloride and Alkaline cells.
2. As El Ni o ebbs away, drought follows the torrential rain.
3. The height of the O adatoms above the Ni surface plane was varied between 0.8 and 1.6.
4. Thiobacillus ferrooxidans are used to leach Ni from nicopyrite.
5. Ni ambaux silentis dum momentoj por pripensi la demandon.
6. TERMINALS: Phosphor Bronze, Ag over Ni plating.
7. But Ni said word time is saying to him!
8. She not very unfasten Ni too!
9. This steel contains C, Ni and Cr.
10. Co - Ni alloy coatings were electrodeposited from a sulfate plating bath and plating bath containing sodium citrate.
11. The electroformed Ni - Mn alloys hold good prospects for its specific performance.
12. CONCLUSION The prevention and control of NI should be strengthened to reduce the cost of single payment disease, especially the antimicrobial agent fees.
13. Ni - Cd alkaline rechargeable battery in cylindrical shape is widely used in the geophysical prospecting instruments.
14. During the first period, Ni Zan a rich family led in a comparatively stable pastoral life.
15. The technology of low hydrogen embrittlement Zn - Ni alloy electroplating on aeronautic high strength steel was studied.
16. Inavyoeleweka ni kuwa ubao ni sehemu ya mti ama mbao katika Kiswahili sanifu.
17. I ni tiated and influenced by foreign movies, Chinese movie accomplished its developing process form short film to long flim, from imitation to creation.
18. The NI column in Listing 1 above, shows the scheduling priority or niceness of each process.
19. Burne-Jones was obsessed with the symbolism of love, and hearts are a recurring theme ni his work.
20. If there is sufficient interest for a return visit to either or both the nI will be pleased to arrange the day.
21. Effects of cooling rate on eutectic microstructure of Zn - ( 0.24 Ni ) alloy for hot dip galvanization were investigated.
22. A new method is proposed for the measurement of imaginary part of refractive index ni of aerosol by using an optical particle counter (OPC) and a visibility meter (VM).
23. Nickel Metallic chemical element, one of the transition elements, chemical symbol Ni, atomic number 28.
24. This method is able to measure Mn, Cu, Pb, Zn, Co , Ni and P quickly.
25. Carbon nanotubes ( CNTs ) were prepared from acetylene at 923 K with Ni as catalysts by chemical vapor deposition ( CVD ).
25. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
26. Many studies of catalysts for hydrogenation of natural oils have been made, in which Cu-Ni bibasic catalyst and Ni unitary catalyst are the two mainstreams.
27. The result shows: the carbon nanotube homogeneous inlaid the brilliant afterbirth of Ni - P.
28. This paper presents a new type material air valve cage - alloy cast iron countaining Cr. Ni.
29. Christmas Allegedly Christmas tree first appeared in ancient Rome in mid-December Saturnalia, the German missionary Nikos in the 8th century AD, dedicated to El Ni?o using P-trees.
30. Regular carbon micro-coils were obtained by a catalytic pyrolysis method with acetylene as a carbon resource and Ni as a catalyst and thiophene as a promotor.
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