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Publicizing in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2019-11-28Updated:2019-11-28
Similar words: publicizepublicizedpublicitypublicistpublicisepublicisedpublic issuefree publicityMeaning: ['pʌblɪsaɪz]  n. the business of drawing public attention to goods and services. 
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1 He was in London publicizing his new biography of Kennedy.
2 Orlov spent seven years in prison for publicizing human-rights violations.
3 Publicizing this may undermine their legitimacy, an outcome they would want to avoid.
4 That in October give mail renewal letters publicizing winter market and Christmas party.
5 The key of prevention is intensive health education, publicizing, spreading new delivery and degermation in primary health hospital.
6 The Fair has played an important role in publicizing China's policies on foreign investment attraction,[] promoting foreign capital inflow and guiding Chinese companies to make overseas investment.
7 Work to publicizing a thought, municipal Party committee is well-content, what also get whole town people is accepted.
8 Preoperative publicizing and education, emiction training on the bed and postoperative dietary guidance should be strengthened to reduce the times of urethral catheterization.
9 The presiding judge was later censured for publicizing the case.
10 Some days ago, the publicizing department performed a large scale of drumbeating .
11 Why are you fond of publicizing the skeletons in the family closet?
12 Publicizing such exposition on all media and organizing customers for sales talk, exchange and visit.
13 II. Publicizing and spreading export credit insurance in an all - around and thorough way.
14 The key processes of declaration, publicizing, supervision and accountability are at the hand of government officials. It's like hitting one's right hand with his left hand.
15 Is what mew of E peptide embellish resembles publicizing really good in that way? Is there avirulent side effect? I think try out.
16 Be responsible for publicizing the Company's external image and managing the spread of company brand.
17 To undertake works on party building, publicizing assignment of personnel, labor payments and group of supervision.
18 Reportedly, the project is for publicizing ecological environment.
19 Her friends in the West were told that she would be beaten until they stopped publicizing her case.
20 Publicize the match: take charge of the poster facture and handbill distribution. Considering the lasting time span of this match, principal should dispose the lasting publicizing work.
21 The second part focuses on the theoretical scope of publicizing the government information of our country.
22 It says that Li Hua was elected as Chongqing's "city image publicizing ambassador" by popular votes, and Bo Xilai, Chongqing's party boss, awarded him the title in a big ceremony.
23 The application shall specify the name of the ship, the facts of and reasons for applying for publicizing notice for assertion of maritime liens.
24 The advertisements of non - pharmaceuticals shall not be involved in the publicizing of pharmaceuticals.
25 For example counterpart fund couldn t reach into account , MFA publicizing is to be further conducted.
26 Murky by nature, cybercrime losses are difficult to categorize. That helps keep them hidden from the public eye by companies leery of publicizing breaches in corporate security.
27 CWIS, as a window of the process of foreign exchange and publicizing, have great effect on all aspects in the development of the institute.
28 Olympic Torch has always been bearing human yearn towards unity and brotherhood, publicizing the spirit of peace and progress.
29 China's Ministry of Culture has banned websites featuring or publicizing online games which glamorize mafia gangs.
30 Publicity: the poster facture and handbill distribution work. Considering the lasting time span of this match, we principally should dispose the lasting publicizing work.
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