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Progressive tax in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2017-03-21
Similar words: progressiveprogressivismprogressmake progressregressiveaggressiveoppressiveexpressiveMeaning: n. any tax in which the rate increases as the amount subject to taxation increases. 
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1. A progressive tax structure is one in which the average tax rate rises with an individual's income level.
2. Income tax is a progressive tax because higher earners pay a higher proportion of their income in this tax than lower earners.
3. Like any progressive tax, liability increases where the pocket is deeper.
4. Why? 6 Precisely what is meant by a progressive tax?
5. I understand that progressive tax rates were adopted in China's Land Value Appreciation Tax. What are the implications for such a design?
6. Progressive tax rate, as a major concept in The Taxation,( is frequently used in income tax.
7. We're striving for what we call internally a "progressive model" (paraphrased from "progressive tax").
8. A more progressive tax policy could help redistribute some of the gains of trade accruing to those on the top of the income scale.
9. A progressive tax is far harder to administer than any flat tax.
10. A progressive tax is far harder to administer than a flat tax is.
11. So I believe in a very progressive tax on income.
12. The government has imposed a progressive tax system on CPO setting the tax rates based on price developments on the international market.
13. The system of a four-grade progressive tax rate was adopted with 30% at the bottom level and 60% on the top level to reflect the State policies.
14. You have a progressive tax system that takes more money from the wealthier people and you have a welfare system that looks at individual hardship and pays out.
15. Progressive degree of progressive tax rate depends on the type of Social welfare function and labour supply elasticity.
16. How is the tax payable calculated with this progressive tax rate schedule?
17. A second reform is therefore essential - to turn the national insurance tax from a proportional into a progressive tax.
18. By definition,( a tax whose average tax rate rises as income Increases is called progressive tax.
19. To explain why, let us start with the premise that the defenders of any progressive tax have to give some principled account of the optimal degree of tax progressivity.
20. They have to identify which of the infinite number of progressive tax schedules they embrace, and then explain why it is best.
21. The tax could be sold to reluctant legislators as a progressive tax on the wealthy.
22. It is in line with the fairness principle of levying on unearned income to change proportional tax rate to progressive tax rate in excess of specific amount.
23. Simultaneously , many countries are getting rid of traditional progressive tax principle----rising the tax rate along with the increasing of revenue , and transferring to single tax system mode .
24. Several of Clinton's top aides want to move away from higher taxes on income and toward a progressive tax on consumption.
25. First, supporting these means sanctioning redistribution, as they are funded by a progressive tax system.
26. The first part introduces the selection between the proportional tax rate and the progressive tax rate.
27. We have a system, which you say it really-- The progressive tax system is very important but it's not conceptualized right.
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