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Pollutant in a sentence

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Sentence count:120Posted:2017-03-14Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: pollutepollutedpollutionthermal pollutiondebutanteinstantaneoussalutaryroll upMeaning: [pə'luːtənt]  n. waste matter that contaminates the water or air or soil. 
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1. The city was overhung with the pollutant smog.
2. Sulphur dioxide is a pollutant and a major contributor to acid rain.
3. Setting the fees for each pollutant would be highly contentious and beset by political wrangling.
4. Economic incentives or disincentives such as pollutant emission charges or taxes should receive more attention than they had received previously.
5. One atmospheric pollutant which has shown dramatic improvement is airborne lead.
6. Cigarette smoke is just one unhealthy air pollutant which is removed by Rentokil electrostatic air filters.
6. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
7. One pollutant which has attracted considerable concern in recent years is lead.
8. The river can dilute the small amounts of pollutant discharged by the chemical producer.
9. The daily variation of air pollutant is obvious.
10. Piggery wastewater is a significant agricultural pollutant resources.
11. Cold smoke produces the same emission pollutant particulate matter.
12. The pollutant sources of are divided into two kinds: continuous discharging type and intermittence discharging type.
13. The article mainly studies emission characteristics of combustion pollutant after mixing petroleum coke in coal - pulverized boiler.
14. The total pollutant load of rivers into the Lake in Wuxi area is researched and compared with the target of total load control of the Lake.
15. The Jordan River is pollutant polluted and in danger of going dry.
16. Incineration or flaring, is used when an organic pollutant can be oxidized to CO 2 and water.
17. Pollutant dispersion close to an urban surface – the BUBBLE tracer experiment.
18. It occurs radically from pollutant and energy resources caused by industrial activities and other human activities, which exceeds the nature's self-purification power, entering into the environment.
19. Deposition of nitric acid in particular may contribute to the equation as a fertiliser as well as a pollutant perse.
20. Such an economic approach provides incentives to firms to find new techniques and new products which lead to lower pollutant emissions.
21. Cleaning up road dust is one of the cheapest ways to reduce the pollutant.
22. However, lead emissions from car exhausts are an atmospheric pollutant that may be harmful to people's health.
23. It would be easy, Wheeler said, to block the ditch off to trap the pollutant.
24. After analyzing the observation data, it is shown that if the pollutant is away from the coastland, the pollutant transportation will via sea- land breeze .
25. But fundamental measure is to strengthen pollution source control, reduce pollutant load and control sewerage total amount.
26. Acidizing on carbonate rock oil-gas field is one of the most effective measure to reduce pollutant near the wellbore, reform the output section of oil-gas well, and improve the production capacity.
27. High-voltage pulsed corona discharge plasma has been widely studied in the removal of toxic pollutant, the removal of acid gases from flues gas, and other environment management.
28. This paper analyzes some problems existing in the course of implementing the macro-control of pollutant emission, and puts forward some corresponding adoptable countermeasures.
29. We will display all descriptive and identifying date for each pollutant source.
30. With the development of the economics, the excessive exploitation and the unconscionable using of the resources, freewill voidance of the pollutant make the environmental problems much more serious.
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