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Paleontological in a sentence

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Similar words: paleontologistpaleontologyontologicalpalaeontologistpalaeontologyteleologicaltautologicalhematologicalMeaning: adj. of or relating to paleontology. 
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(1) He is president of the Paleontological Society (2004-2006) and editor in chief of the journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology.
(2) Paleontological and petrological characteristics and structural features of these formations are entirely identical to those of the Mino terrane of the Japanese Islands.
(3) He gave this talk at the North American Paleontological Convention in Cincinnati last month, and I think it's worth reading his words unfiltered, in context.
(4) The Paleontological Society is an international organization devoted exclusively to the advancement of the science of paleontology through the dissemination of research by publication and meetings.
(5) Paleontological studies showed that modern avian groups probably first appeared in the Paleocene and experienced an explosive radiation in the early Cenozoic.
(6) As indicated by the paleontological record, mammoths were social animals, just like elephants, dogs, and humans.
(7) Geological Park in the world famous Shanwang paleontological and reflect the formation environment of volcano landscape features.
(8) Paleontological studies show that modern avian groups probably first appeared in the Paleocene and experienced an explosive radiation in the early Cenozoic.
(9) Imaginative as this explanation is—and helpful in providing us with an excuse for being overweight—paleontological evidence for an aquatic phase of human existence has proven elusive.
(10) This site is a complex information resource on paleontological and zoological classification.
(11) Recent paleontological and neontological studies on feathers and feather-like integumentary structures have improved greatly our understanding of the origin and early evolution of feathers.
(12) Paleontological evidence shows that the animals have been living on Yellowstone land for at least a thousand years.
(13) By the end of three years, scientists realised they'd found a paleontological treasure.
(14) They point out the age of ophiolite suite by paleontological method and the emplacement age of ophiolitic melange.
(15) The Internaional Palaeontological Association (IPA) was founded in 1933 as the name of International Paleontological Union (IPU).
(16) Yates, who is based at the University of the Witwatersrand's Bernard Price Institute for Paleontological Research, led the research with a number of other local and international scientists.
(17) The 'Oxford University Museum of Natural History' houses the University's scientific collections of zoological, entomological(, paleontological and mineral specimens.
(18) Prof. Andrew Knoll of Harvard University has likened the Ediacaran forms to a paleontological "Rorschach" test because different scientists often interpret the same fossil very differently.
(19) In either case, the fossils provide a rare opportunity for examining a period shrouded in paleontological mystery.
(20) First, we determined the present distribution of each cat species and where their ancestors occur in paleontological remains.
(21) 40 years later scientists proved that the Piltdown man was a deliberate attempt at paleontological fraud.
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