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Noumenal in a sentence

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1. Practical metaphysics considers that the true noumenal existence is a human practical activity and his real life.
2. Chinese petrous picture are classified into four types: noumenal symbols, simulative symbols, symbolic symbols and behavioral symbols.
3. Trustworthiness is of noumenal value in the traditional Chinese moral theory and practice, which is consistent with the moral connotation in the healthy growth of socialist market economy.
4. It is a noumenal aesthetic and phenomenal analysis connecting with the whole cultural background.
5. Hunting the orient spirit and noumenal language is the developing chance of contemporary lacquer painting.
6. In the 20th century, the noumenal study of Chinese teaching requires to itself from the fetters of feudalism ideology and dogmatism politics in order to keep the independence of Chinese teaching.
7. Noumenal concept and method already received wide application in knowledge engineering.
8. Barring a genetic mutation, the search for noumenal reality is a journey along an asymptotic sinuous trail.
9. philprof: Kant's theory of the noumenal and phenomenal can be interpreted either metaphysically or epistemically.
10. The structural types of criminal legal norm might be divided into the two dialectical and unified kinds which are logical structure and noumenal structure.
11. It's of Heidegger's question how to move from the subjective world of consciousness, Language and so on to the noumenal world.
12. The first principle in Zhu Zi's theory is to establish the noumenal status of Li, which is regarded as the basis of real world and source of value.
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13. How to define the concept of crime in scientific term is the precondition and the basis of the noumenal theory of the criminology.
14. I try to analyse Rakhmaninov' s piano prelude and it's music connotation basing on social history and noumenal art , and I want to get a academic gist of performance guidance.
15. Additionally, the simulation system will offer referenced evidences for noumenal structural design of robot.
16. Through analyzing the subject system this article aims at ascertaining the hierarchical features: The nation (society) is the original, i. e. noumenal subject of moral education.
17. Teaching-learning is a man-made being, as the essential presupposition of the study of noumenal problem of teaching-learning.
18. These four levels are the macroscopic or sensual level, the microscopic or science level, the mathematical or reasoning level, and the noumenal or ultimate reality level.
19. Human beings exist both in the phenomenal realm, as causally determined parts of the natural order, and in the noumenal realm, as potentially autonomous moral agents.
20. Chinese traditional wholeness mode of thinking emphasizes "the unity of heaven and man", which contradicts the noumenal view in western philosophy that separates the subject from the object.
21. Man belongs not only to the "sensible" world, but also to a world he called "intelligible" or " noumenal ".
22. Gregorio, mindful that his famous character wouldn't expect him to accurately render the noumenal world, doesn't fetishize historical verisimilitude.
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