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Nodal in a sentence

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1, The primary effect of the nodal description above is of inaccessibility to the reader.
2, These classifications are able to separate groups of nodal lymphomas with a clear correlation between morphological features and clinical behaviour.
3, With the temperature-controlled nodal operation self-heating system, this product can be used in the winter season of north China.
4, In the other code, the Nodal Green's Function Method was used to solve space-time dependent neutron diffusion equation.
5, We will consider this example from the nodal analysis point of view.
6, A kinetics nodal method for the solution of transient two-group multi- dimensional neutron diffusion equation is described.
7, In addition, the nonlinear iteration semi - analytical nodal method was extended to solve the time - dependent kinetic equations.
8, A nodal analysis model of electrically actuated microbeams was developed based on a weighted residual method.
9, Conclusion Unlike nodal lymphoma, PMLGI are a group of distinctive clinicopathological tumours.
10, He could sit in his palace like the sun at the nodal point of an array of beams of light.
11, A tree-shaped network of vibrating elastic strings for which root nodal is clamped and other nodals are controlled is considered. The nodal feedback stabilizers are designed to stabilize the system.
12, Introduced is the basic principle of production forecast with nodal systems analysis method.
13, Basing on mode analyse, I make harmonic analysis and take breadth-frequency curve of fan-out nodal to back cover board nodal.
14, The modified MLS shape function, for alleviating the above problem, is given by establishing the relationship between the nodal value and the generalized displacement.
15, Firstly, the 3 D neutron diffusion equation is converted into three coupled 1 D equations through a transverse averaging procedure as with normal advanced nodal methods.
16, Under the assumption of plane section, the 3D displacement field equation is discretized in terms of nodal displacements.
17, Careful examination of the axillae and supraclavicular area for nodal involvement is necessary.
18, The optimization procedure of preform die shape is given. The sensitivity of nodal velocity and temperature with respect to design variable is developed.
19, Methods HE staining was applied on the frozen sections of adult rat heart to identify the sinoatrial node (SAN), atrioventricular node (AVN), and posterior nodal extension (PNE).
20, The bolt joint between coping and other components of car-body was simulated by coupling nodal degrees.
21, The three-phase harmonic power flow is directly solved by Gaussian elimination method with linear nodal voltage equation, thus there exists no convergence problem.
22, Simulation of power electronic motor drive system by modified nodal method is realized , and a simulation model of induction motor is presented on the basis of the Park equation.
23, Many optimal bus-labeling methods have been proposed in order to improve the efficiency of computation of nodal admittance matrix in power systems and to save the computer memories.
24, When considering the coupling effect and boundary contact condition of shroud, the shrouded blade-disk systematic rigidity is reduced,( blade-disk system easily occur nodal diameter mode.
25, Other evidence for severe lateral velocity change across the fault zone lies in hypocenter bias and nodal plane distortion for earthquakes on the fault.
26, It takes full advantage of both the diagonally dominant property of the nodal admittance matrix and the symmetric property of sparseness structure.
27, Among current methods analyzing grounding grids in power current, the nodal method of analysis is the easiest and least exponent number of matrix in calculation.
28, Points, which remain stationary in the vibration cycle, form a diametral line called nodal diameter.
29, A coarse mesh method, in which the theory of nodal Green's function method is adopted, is applied to get the adjoint neutron flux, after a transformation of adjoint flux equations has been made.
30, The response matrix technique is used, which gives a fast-running scheme for the iterative solution of the nodal diffusion equations.
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