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Newtonian in a sentence

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Sentence count:89Posted:2017-10-01Updated:2017-10-01
Similar words: newtonbostonianplutonianisaac newtonsir isaac newtondevonianBaconiandraconianMeaning: [njuː'təʊnjən]  n. a follower of Isaac Newton. adj. of or relating to or inspired by Sir Isaac Newton or his science. 
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1. Indeed, is the Newtonian billiard-ball world computable?
2. This theory is now subsumed by Newtonian mechanics.
3. A Newtonian dashpot also behaves in a predictable manner.
4. But then, Newtonian mechanics appeared precisely accurate, until Relativity was discovered.
5. Moreover, the specific Newtonian scheme has given rise to a remarkable body of mathematical ideas known as classical mechanics.
6. Instead of the clarity and precision of Newtonian mechanics, we have to be content with a more fuzzy account of affairs.
7. He laid some of the foundations of the Newtonian mechanics that was to replace Aristotle's.
8. Although the Newtonian equations governing the elements are well known, long-term weather prediction is notoriously unreliable!
9. It was Newtonian physics again; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
10. The same Newtonian scheme applies here on earth-and out among the stars and galaxies-to some comparable accuracy.
11. In the Newtonian limit of small velocities and so these equations become.
12. Calculations using Newtonian mechanics predict a precession of 532 arcsec per century.
13. According to Newtonian mechanics the orbital decay for an isolated binary consisting of compact stars is expected to be immeasurably small.
14. The hard core of Newtonian physics is comprised of Newton's laws of motion plus his law of gravitational attraction.
15. Now if we wish to use Newtonian mechanics we must relate velocity and acceleration to the same particle.
16. In fact, the Newtonian problem is a much more awkward one than that put forward by Fredkin and Toffoli.
17. Newtonian mechanics, wave optics and classical electromagnetism all constituted and perhaps constitute paradigms and qualify as sciences.
18. Newtonian mechanics was eventually replaced by the theory of relativity and by quantum mechanics between 1905 and 1930.
19. Tidal stress and gravitational asymmetries had pulled the sphere out of shape. Newtonian mechanics had done the rest.
20. Let us try to examine the nature of this Newtonian determinism a little more closely.
21. Our macroscopic world is precise; it is the domain of classical Newtonian physics.
21. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
22. Hooke's law is a linear relation; so is the relation between stress and strain gradient in Newtonian viscosity.
23. Yet another Establishment arose, this time constituted of the practitioners and defenders of Newtonian physics.
24. In its curriculum the school concentrated on mathematics and science; there were courses in algebra, geometry and Newtonian physics.
25. By the time Copernicus's idea had been substantiated, the Aristotelian world view had been replaced by the Newtonian one.
26. Much environmental prediction is predicated upon a logical positivist or Newtonian deterministic basis.
27. The relation of the one continuum to the other is not possible using Newtonian mechanics.
28. Were the unknown planet p' to be discovered, it would be hailed as a new victory of Newtonian science.
29. At this level there is no difficulty about incorporating electricity and magnetism into the Newtonian scheme.
30. Such an account can not be given anyway, even in strictly Newtonian terms.
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