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Nettle in a sentence

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Synonym: angerannoydisturbirritateprovokevexSimilar words: nettlesomekettlemettlesettlesettle forunsettleresettleunsettledMeaning: ['netl]  n. any of numerous plants having stinging hairs that cause skin irritation on contact (especially of the genus Urtica or family Urticaceae). v. 1. sting with or as with nettles and cause a stinging pain or sensation 2. cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations. 
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1. Grasp the nettle and it won't sting you. 
2. He who handles a nettle tenderly is soonest stung. 
3. Falsehood like a nettle stings those who meddle with it. 
4. We need to grasp the nettle of prison reform.
5. Nettle grows plentifully on any rich waste ground.
6. The government will have to grasp the nettle. If they don't, the traffic congestion is going to get out of control.
7. Rubbing dock leaves on nettle stings helps to relieve the pain.
8. Down in Alcester they have grasped the nettle.
9. Mr. Thornton and Mr. Taylor grasped that nettle.
10. I make a very nice nettle tea, you know.
11. She felt a mild nettle sting.
12. Rubbing a dock leaf on a nettle sting is said to get rid of the pain.
13. The community has also grasped the nettle of the unemployment argument for development.
14. A shocked demeanour and a couple of nettle stings to valiant rescuer Beverley were the only legacies.
15. The burn of the nettle stings might fade, but not the burning heat of her body.
16. Mellor grasped the nettle and told how he felt like Daniel in the lion's den.
17. Stinging nettle can also reduce allergic reactions.
18. By what is nettle rash caused?
19. They are all heroes grasping the nettle.
20. We need a government that will grasp the nettle.
21. You've been putting off making that phone call for days - I think it's about time you grasped the nettle!
22. The government now has the opportunity to grasp the nettle of prison reform.
23. In common with several other species, the red admiral favours the stinging nettle as a place to lay its eggs.
24. I didn't discover the first snail or the first nettle that sprouted up on this planet.
24. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
25. When the right hon. Gentleman came to that office, he had the opportunity to grasp the nettle of prison reform.
26. A new field of activity seemed to be opening up for him if only he had the courage to grasp the nettle.
27. Mrs Bottomley later dismissed suggestions that she had failed to grasp the nettle.
28. There are reports of links between crying and urticaria, a rash resembling nettle rash.
29. Since impacts are the product of population numbers and consumption, all nations should grasp the nettle of eventual zero population growth.
30. Tim Renton could be said to have been the first to grasp this nettle.
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