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Monophonic in a sentence

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Sentence count:16Posted:2017-08-30Updated:2017-08-30
Similar words: homophonicphonicphonicscacophonoussaxophonisttelephonicpolyphonicmonotonicMeaning: adj. 1. designating sound transmission or recording or reproduction over a single channel 2. consisting of a single melodic line. 
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1. Korg monophonic synth, full working order, £150.
2. Monophony Strictly speaking, monophonic music is a single melodic line, without harmony or even octaves.
3. So that's monophonic texture, just one pitch.
4. It can also convert polyphonic and monophonic ringtones.
5. The folk singing described so far has all been "monophonic"(sentencedict .com), for in unaccompanied solo singing only one note of a melody can be produced at a time.
6. Monophonic methods provide recognition of one voice in melody but with great accuracy.
7. Most of the world's folk music was essentially monophonic until contact with Western polyphony.
8. Monophonic - A monophonic ring tone is simply a series of notes, one musical note at a time.
9. Last time we said we had three kinds of texture in music which are: monophonic, homophonic and polyphonic.
10. I--We were going D G B G B so as long as the notes have the same names or it sounds the same, even though there may be octave doubling in there we still think of that as monophonic texture.
11. So we'll start it at pitch there and I'll give you two and then we'll sing "La" And we will exemplify monophonic texture.
12. We're singing below middle C and the ladies are singing up an octave but that's still monophonic texture-- those notes have the same names.
13. In fact, the liturgical tradition which the Church has bestowed on us is a vocal, monophonic music composed along with Latin words coming from sacred texts.
14. Relating to a system of transmitting, recording, or reproducing sound in which one or more sources are connected to a single channel; monophonic.
15. This paper attempts to interpret the phenomenon from the perspective of the nature of the languages. The pictographic and monophonic nature of the Chinese language seems to be the underlying cause.
16. The earliest medieval music did not have any kind of notational system. The tunes were primarily monophonic and transmitted by oral tradition.
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