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Locution in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-03-04Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: expressionsayingSimilar words: elocutioncircumlocutionexecutionexecutionerprosecutionconstitutional conventionlocationsolutionMeaning: [ləʊ'kjuːʃn]  n. a word or phrase that particular people use in particular situations. 
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1. Even that locution, his appointment, seemed odd to him.
2. His locution puzzled me, disturbed me, but I was a guest at his table so I said nothing.
3. This is most serious during the discussion of locution and illocution.
4. Petrey seems to equate locution with semantics and illocution with pragmatics, but does not say so explicitly.
5. It seemed an extremely odd locution for a scientist to be using about contaminated water.
6. Ensure accordant locution (use words correctly).
7. Troy Bolton:Why are you locution goodbye?
8. Reiterative locution has been used in different styles of literature in different periods [], so its rhetorical function is gradually developed .
9. The reiterative locution of the CV is simple, the grammatical meaning is single, but the grammatical feature changes.
10. Among locution, environment, house model, price, brand, designing, decorating and popularizing, which factor will lead to a winner in real estate competition?
11. The thought and locution clarify the relation between Tao and society, Tao and material, Tao and the beings by rebelling in activity and rebelling in immobility .
12. In modern Chinese reiterative locution and reduplication are likely to be confused.
13. Using reiterative locution arts to write poem is one of the skills the ancient poem writers often used.
14. This paper discusses the verb reiterative- locution on the basis of the grammar theory of three dimensions.
15. Reiterative locution refers to repetition of the same syllables with equivalent meaning , which are often closely used .
16. Speech act theory assumes that there is one neat, verbally expressible illocution to each locution.
17. After a data library about standard samples is established on the basis of the experiment, the locution of the single-point load on the structure is self-diagnosed by means of the least square method.
18. For unknown words recognition, we use different method to recognize numeric phrase, reiterative locution and name.
18. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
19. In this latter situation and would never expect their designers gifted in sesquipedalian locution.
20. The text is handing in discussed conception to word of description. It is that important to discussing difference from Chinese"s word of description proverb locution and idiom."
21. See, there he goes, " Tully said in his earnest Midwestern locution . "He's walking around it... Now he's climbing on top of it.
22. In this latter situation, magazines employuntless writers and would never expect their designers to be gifted in sesquipedalian locution.
23. It's so difficult to reach a real person via an 800 number that we had to invent a heretofore unnecessary locution—real person—to describe the entity we are trying to reach.
24. The characters with the same form, sound, and meaning, in broad or narrow sense, construct reiterative locution.
25. Therefore, to make sure the scope of the idiom, to make a clear distinction with other familiar languages, especially with locution, became the core problem to decide the idiom.
26. In this latter situation, magazines employ countless writers and would never expect their designers to be gifted in sesquipedalian locution.
27. The State Department continued to blow on this worn locution like a stuck whistle .
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