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Kerogen in a sentence

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1. Kerogen is the leftover material of sporopollen element and lignin in original bodies in different thermal metamorphic period and it is the original material of gas-oil formation.
2. The part of kerogen is composed of its physical and chemical characteristics, separating and study methods, and the part of petroleum composition is about organic ingredients and types of oil and gas.
3. The free radicals in kerogen of sedimentary organic matter can be easily determined by using the electron paramagnetic resonance(EPR) technique.
4. The gas supply is both from late kerogen pyrolysis gas and crude cracked gas, with mixture feature of the same source and different stages.
5. Kerogen type is mainly humic, and terrestrial higher plants are the petrologen.
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6. Whole rock analysis and kerogen analysis are two analytical methods of studying hydrocarbon source rock in organic petrology .
7. Carbon isotopic value of methane from similitude kerogen is lighter than that from total rock in the presence of element sulfur.
8. A simulation experiment was made on kerogen from shales in the lower Xiamalin Formation of the Proterozoic in North China.
9. and macromolecular clumps of organic material called kerogen.
10. The free radical concentration (Ng) of kerogen is a valid index to study thermal maturation of organic matter and paleotemperature of sedimentary basin.
11. Typical organic constituents of kerogen are algae and woody plant material.
12. Microscopic studies of the kerogen from the chert samples show that the main components of the kerogen are organic fragments and microsome with weak anisotropy.
13. This paper presents the thermal modelling of hydrocarbon generation from different types of kerogen and coal by a combination technique of programmed heating microscope stage and video recording.
14. However, in the A period of later diagenetic stage, laumontite were dissolved by organic acid which was generated in decarboxylation of kerogen, and a great quantity of secondary pores were formed.
15. The wide existence of immature oils throughout the world especially in China broke through the hydrocarbon generation theory through kerogen thermal degradation.
16. The other is normal mature crude oil from the thermal degradation of kerogen.
17. A sequential selective chemical degradation was performed for the kerogen from the Nenjiang Formation of the southern Songliao Basin by using a series of mild chemical degradations.
18. The formation of hydrocarbons from a source rock as bitumen forms from kerogen and accumulates as oil or gas.
19. As their insolubility in organic solvents, long chain fatty acid salts mainly stay with Kerogen and few enter asphaltene fraction.
20. Based on the theory that oil is generated by kerogen, the formula of calculating amount of oil formed has been presented and the concepts of some parameters in the formula have been discussed.
21. The kinetic models commonly used are proposed that the reactions of hydrocarbon generation from kerogen are parallel and independent.
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