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Erogenous in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2017-11-17Updated:2017-11-17
Similar words: heterogenousnitrogenousexogenousendogenoushomogenousheterogeneousnitrogen oxideheterogeneityMeaning: adj. sensitive to sexual stimulation. 
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1. Your body contains many erogenous zones, areas that lead to a feeling of sexual excitement when they are caressed.
2. Some parts of our skin are also major erogenous zones.
3. Your erogenous zones are the parts of your body that respond to sexual stimulation.
4. And here I was thinking they were fail-safe erogenous controls with which you could steer a woman toward the kingdom of orgasm.
5. The Gemini mind is an erogenous zone and their grey cells will always come before their gonads.
6. Who knows, maybe you'll find some erogenous zones he never knew he had.
7. Spanking on the buttocks, an erogenous zone in childhood, can create in the child's mind an association between pain and sexual pleasure, and lead to difficulties in adulthood.
8. The PC becomes an erogenous zone.
9. NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A woman's erogenous zone may exist for more than mere pleasure. Researchers say evolution may have designed the so-called 'G' spot to ease the pain of childbirth.
10. The existence of the female erogenous zone , which is said to lead to very intense orgasms, has been controversial due to a lack of research.
11. Women sometimes think that men have only one erogenous zone.
12. It was rubbing up and down as if he were titillating an unseen erogenous zone.
13. The bust, bosom or cleavage was for the Fifties the apotheosis of erogenous zones.
14. The tension is always loop-shaped and cannot be separated from its return to the erogenous zone.
15. Even worse, by focusing only on their genital contact, they may gradually desensitize other erogenous zones.
16. Very tactile, Taurus likes to be touched, everywhere, in fact the whole body is an erogenous zone but especially the ears, neck and the throat.
17. Neural electrodes may eventually move up the spinal cord to what is often characterized as the body's primary erogenous zone.
18. So, Freud believed there were five stages of personality development,[sentence dictionary] and each is associated with a particular erogenous zone.
19. The infamous G-spot is said to be the prime erogenous zone of the female body, a bean-sized area in the vagina that can bring ultimate pleasure -- at least to some -- when properly, well, anyway ...
20. Freud believed there were five stages of personality development, and each is associated with a particular erogenous zone.
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