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Joseph stalin in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-03-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: joseph mccarthystalingradstate capitalismwithstandjostlingnotwithstandingnosepiecestallMeaning: n. Russian leader who succeeded Lenin as head of the Communist Party and created a totalitarian state by purging all opposition (1879-1953). 
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(1) Joseph Stalin gave an accurate assessment of the utility of nuclear weapons.
(2) Longtime Soviet ruler Joseph Stalin was quick to absorb the lesson.
(3) The papers show that the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin ignored dozens of Soviet intelligence reports warning him about an imminent invasion despite a non-aggression pact between Berlin and Moscow.
(4) The visage of Joseph Stalin once blanketed Moscow. But in the years since he died, his successors have relaxed official adoration of him and even allowed some criticism.
(5) This was offered by Soviet leader Joseph Stalin — with the backing of a grateful Russian people — as a reward for appearing to resolve the country's food problems.
(6) The Soviet government under the command of Joseph Stalin terminated the project and in 1938 arrested and executed Kalinin for espionage and sabotage.
(7) Caught off guard by the invasion, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin instructed the Russian people to "scorch the earth" in front of the German invaders.
(8) Another, Joseph Stalin , lost several teeth before he chewed off an edge of tough little Finland.
(9) Joseph Stalin took control of Communist Russia after Lenin's death and ruled throughout WWII.
(10) The face of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin will adorn bottles of a soft drink to go on sale next month for the 67th anniversary of the battle of Stalingrad in Russia, local media reported.
(11) One of its first actions was to endorse Putin's idea of restoring the Soviet national anthem written for Joseph Stalin.
(12) The left paints the movement as a largely white and middle-class mob – and as including kooks who equate President Obama with Joseph Stalin.
(13) A telephone conversation is reputed to have taken place between Franklin D . Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin.
(14) When he wasn't busy sending people to the Gulag[sentence dictionary], Joseph Stalin relaxed by settling himself in with a cool drink and a roaring fire...
(15) A hundred million Christians were under the heel of the most barbarous tyranny in history: the Bolshevik regime of the greatest terrorist of them all, Joseph Stalin.
(16) In poster versions for the campaign the images of other dictators such as Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein have also been used.
(17) A TV show, "The Name of Russia", based on a British programme, "100 Great Britons", lists Joseph Stalin as one of the country's five all-time greats.
(18) It's a country I know virtually nothing about, except that it is the birthplace of Joseph Stalin, and both Ray Charles and Gladys Knight have sung its praises.
(19) Oddly enough, the fiercely capitalist Koch family owes part of its fortune to Joseph Stalin.
(20) But Harry Truman inherited two great wars, an atom bomb and an ally, Joseph Stalin, about to dishonor his commitments and enslave half of Europe.
(21) From the 1989 demonstrations, a member of the public carries a bust of former Soviet leader Joseph Stalin with a sign translating, "Nothing Lasts Forever", during a march through Prague.
(22) The convener of a teachers' union, the delightfully named Joseph Stalin, says teachers are refusing to mark exam papers.
(23) After all, he pointed out, some of the most ruthless figures in the Soviet hierarchy -- including Joseph Stalin and Lavrenty Beria -- were themselves Georgian.
(24) The only evidence that fate played a part in Putin's story comes from his grandfather's job: he cooked for Joseph Stalin, the dictator who inflicted ungodly terrors on his nation.
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