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High-energy in a sentence

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Sentence count:83Posted:2017-10-14Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: high-endenergyfree energyheat energysolar energyenergy levelenergy sourcesenergy changeMeaning: adj. 1. of or relating to elementary particles having energies of hundreds of thousands of electron volts 2. providing a relatively large amount of energy upon undergoing a chemical reaction 3. vigorously energetic or forceful. 
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(1) A searing beam of high-energy protons blistered the air.
(2) Alpha particles are just high-energy 4He nuclei; after decelerating and picking up electrons, they become atoms of 4He.
(3) It has come from experiments with high-energy muon neutrino beams at particle accelerators, and from lower-energy neutrinos at two nuclear reactors.
(4) The therapy delivers hundreds of high-energy X-ray bursts of varying intensity, determined by a firing pattern calculated to disintegrate the tumor.
(5) Spacecraft electronics systems are vulnerable to damage by high-energy charged particles and are at particular risk during magnetic storms.
(6) High-energy physics is favoured, with a special nod to Stanford University.
(7) Readers, are you one of these high-energy, no-sleep jugglers?
(8) Manual workers need a good breakfast for high-energy output.
(9) But solid explosives are high-energy metastability materials, when encountered external stimulation to the reactive threshold, a strong chemical reaction will occur.
(10) Sailing between them are high-energy particles, which leave yellow tracks in their wake.
(11) Northrop Grumman supplies the high-energy laser, and Lockheed Martin provides the beam control/fire control system.
(12) The coupling of a high-power, high-energy and narrow pulse laser unit with the optical fiber is important and of unique value in laser applications.
(13) Wolfram's early scientific work was mainly in high-energy physics, quantum field theory, and cosmology, and included several now-classic results.
(14) The sparry grainstone bank is persistently agitated high-energy environments, its water depth is above normal wave base, and deposits are mainly the sparry grainstones.
(15) For example, hexokinase catalyzes the transfer of a high-energy terminal phosphate group form ATP to glucose to give glucose 6-phosphate and ADP.
(16) Being a new green regenerated high-energy crap with high utility value, sugar sorghum is the high yield crop arid is widely used and developed.
(17) Children expend a lot of energy and may need more high-energy food than adults.
(18) There was no narrative or overt expressiveness in the movement(, which consisted mainly of high-energy skips and swoops.
(19) When an electron collides with a positron the two particles disappear, or annihilate, to create a high-energy photon.
(20) The only force generally believed to be sufficiently powerful is the high-energy impact of a large asteroidal fragment on the Moon.
(21) This meal may of course be of gargantuan proportions and much snacking of high-energy foods may precede its consumption.
(22) The radiation is a by-product of particle accelerators use in high-energy physics.
(23) So for decades, astronomers have used it as a "standard candle" in the field of high-energy astrophysics.
(24) The Crab Nebula is the brightest source of reasonably steady high-energy radiation (X-rays and gamma rays) in the sky.
(25) Yukon River smokehouses should be filled this summer with oil-rich strips of king salmon -- long used by Alaska Natives as a high-energy food to get through the long Alaska winters.
(26) Part of the difficulty is a process called photoionization, in which the high-energy photons conveying the x-rays strip away electrons from atoms within the accretion disk.
(27) Studied the low temperature sensitivity coefficient (LTSC) effect on high-energy nitroamine propellant throgh the termination experiment, closed bomb experiment and interior ballistic experiment.
(28) The system is a goldmine for scientists; the perfect laboratory for high-energy physics and a never-ending source of intriguing physical problems.
(29) The nuclear energy is released at the Sun's center as high-energy gamma radiation, a form of electromagnetic radiation like light and radio waves, only of very much shorter wavelength.
(30) Some theories in particle physics speculate that it might, although these dimensions would be curled up in loops so small, they could probably be probed only in high-energy particle collisions.
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