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Frequency distribution in a sentence

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Similar words: distributionredistributionincome distributionnormal distributionstatistical distributionspatial distributionredistribution of incomedistribution of wealthMeaning: n. a distribution of observed frequencies of occurrence of the values of a variable. 
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1. Using the unit cumulative normal frequency distribution we may compute confidence limits for our estimate of beta.
2. Find the frequency distribution over years of study in 1991.
3. On the size frequency distribution plot the highest point on the curve provides the modal value.
4. The full array of such fractions, comprising a frequency distribution across all cultures sampled, is called an ethnographic curve.
5. The allele frequency distribution showed an L - shape in both brood stock ( data not shown ).
6. To investigate the frequency distribution of the scale of sex hormones in the aged persons.
7. The time - frequency distribution ( TFD ) fits to analyze the EEG signal well since EEG is a typical non - stationary signal.
8. The data were statistically analyzed by frequency distribution, percentage and Chi - square test.
9. The frequency distribution table below shows the results of 40 golf players in a tournament.
10. The model types include frequency histograms, cumulative frequency distribution graphs and theoretical model with double logarithmic coordinates.
11. Such classes are separated by'natural breaks'in the frequency distribution or the analogous cumulative curve.
12. Clock frequency distribution of the device in the scope permitted at no restrictions on frequency.
13. Meanwhile, frequency distribution of daily mean temperature indicated that potential possibility of high temperature event might rise.
14. Further more,[sentence dictionary] the statistic regulation based on frequency distribution for on - line data is researched.
15. This paper gives a simple algorithm of quasi-optimal frequency distribution for mobile radio systems, in which the third-order inter-modulation does not appear. The computation results are given.
16. Method: A number of documents related to the domain of banking were collected, and a frequency distribution produced.
17. It was assumed that any erosion terraces would show as modes in the frequency distribution.
18. Multielement characteristics of Chinese human hairs have been studied in cumulative frequency distribution, correlation and in relation to sex and age.
19. This paper deals with the spatial distribution patterns of the larvae of Diorycitria rubella in masson pine and loblolly pine using the frequency distribution analysis and aggregation indices.
20. A new adaptive time - frequency analysis method, i . e . local wave time - frequency distribution , is put forward.
21. Another way of presenting these data is by a histogram or frequency distribution.
22. The negative binomial distribution was also suited to the frequency distribution of fecal groups on grassland and woodland in the two areas.
23. One way we can compress data is to use a frequency table or a frequency distribution.
24. The data were then analyzed statistically using methods such as percentage frequency distribution and chi - square test.
25. Statistics The difference or interval between the smallest and largest values in a frequency distribution.
26. The analyst works with these inferences as well as the basic frequency distribution to assess the integrity of the domain or column and report findings.
27. Finally , the paper introduced the design of holographic scanning disk with variable spatial frequency distribution.
28. Stratified and Rational Distributed Sampling method was recommended to determine the rational sampling quantity of soil nutrients which showed obviously negative frequency distribution.
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