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Flay in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2017-03-06Updated:2017-03-06
Synonym: assailattackcriticizepeelskinstripSimilar words: layplayallayclaylay outwaylaybelaylay upMeaning: [fleɪ]  v. strip the skin off. 
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1. You cannot flay the same ox twice. 
2. He was so angry he nearly flayed his horse alive.
3. I'll be flayed alive when she finds out!
4. The teacher flayed the idle students.
5. He flayed himself for his lack of tact.
6. Her dark eyes flayed him.
7. She was well-known for flaying public officials in her daily column.
8. They had to flay the great, white, fleecy animals and cut them up for food.
9. None is decayed, but each has been carefully flayed.
10. Words that flayed and scorched coming from her lips.
11. In art, he is often depicted flayed.
12. Men dripped blood from flayed skin here.
13. Congressmen have flayed the President for neglecting domestic issues.
14. It was the flayed hide to a bull, winging on the tide out to sea.
15. Bribery money, make your flay a flint.
16. Flay: Increased bonus damage from Strength.
17. He was going to flay that stranger with every trick known to the law.
18. Flay: To strip off the skin or outer covering of.
19. And he shall flay burnt offering, and cut it into his pieces.
20. Inner Focus: Now works properly with Mind Flay , Mind Sear, and Penance.
21. In his flay , he screwed up her letter and threw it into the wastepaper basket.
22. They can flay group then Lay Catholic groups and family associations organized the rally.
23. There he was condemned to death by the king, and before being beheaded he was flayed alive.
23. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
24. Whippings in Sri Lanka were carried out with a cat-o-nine-tails and flayed the back of the prisoner, scarring him for life.
25. It was such gently acid mockery, she felt physically flayed under that worldly amusement.
26. He dragged on the reins and drew the buggy around, flaying the horse with his whip.
27. Don't you know that Leeds fans express their affection for a player by verbally flaying him alive.
28. In his sodden, crushed red velvet, Gabriel felt like a flayed mole.
29. One hour: sitting in the car, pulling at the handle, the precious minutes winding away, thinking about how they'll flay him and raise his hide up a pole, like a flag, over the plains of Gehenna.
30. Practice: 1. Choose fresh and squashy Chinese flowering quince, flay, go nucleus, cut chunk account, reserve.
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