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Flare up in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: break openburst outeruptflareirruptSimilar words: fire upmeasure upmeasure up toflatflagflameflashflavorMeaning: v. 1. ignite quickly and suddenly, especially after having died down 2. erupt or intensify suddenly flare-up. n. a sudden violent happening. 
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(1) The dispute could flare up into a major crisis.
(2) Trouble may flare up in the big cities.
(3) My allergies tend to flare up in humid weather.
(4) They were the sort of conflicts that frequently flare up along any ill-defined border which is straddled by farming communities.
(5) This bloody border war could flare up any day now.
(6) Arguments may flare up in your home.
(7) They fired a flare up into the night sky.
(8) He is liable to flare up at trivial things.
(9) Objective : To study flare up of leukemia in Beihai by retrospective investigation.
(10) Do not flare up, flare up would harm the stomach!
(11) A few stars on the road to dwarfhood flare up briefly from time to time.
(12) Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists.
(13) You need not flare up merely because I mentioned your work.
(14) He looked as if he was about to flare up.
(15) There's no call for you to flare up at such a slight thing.
(16) You need not flare up merely because he mentioned your work.
(17) I do not like to see your passion flare up so easily.
(18) Certain problems are very likely to flare up without any notice.
(19) TrouBle may flare up in the Big cities at any time.
(20) Arguments will flare up if you get backed into an emotional corner.
(21) Police fired tear gas as violence threatened to flare up.
(22) He put more logs on the fire and watched it flare up again.
(23) Don'tspill too much fat on the barbecue as it could flare up.
(24) Many packaging materials contain highly flammable substances that could make a fire suddenly flare up.
(25) But the past few weeks have seen the killings flare up again.
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