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Epithelial in a sentence

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Sentence count:151Posted:2017-08-28Updated:2017-08-28
Similar words: epithelial tissueepithetepitomefire pitepitaphdecrepitepitomiseepitomizeMeaning: adj. of or belonging to the epithelium. 
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1. In contrast, only epithelial cells from ulcerative colitis showed an appreciable increase after calcium ionophore induction.
2. The upper level was diagnosed by the columnar-squamous epithelial border, which was always easily identified.
3. The possibility that intestinal epithelial cells may produce platelet activating factor has been suggested by Kald etal.
4. Most studies entailing isolation of intestinal epithelial cells invitro and subsequent grafting invivo have used intact undifferentiated fetal endoderm.
5. Gastrointestinal epithelial cell proliferation is influenced by many hormonal, paracrine, and intraluminal agents.
6. Calcium may protect against colorectal cancer by reducing epithelial cell turnover.
7. Epithelial cells showed no expression of tumour necrosis factor or interleukin 1 mRNA.
8. Dead surface epithelial cells are normally rapidly replaced and the health of the tissue is maintained by a good blood supply.
9. Alternatively, indirect effects involving the regulation of epithelial cell function by mesenchyme are also possible.
10. Thyroglobulin secreted by the epithelial cells, makes up 90 percent of the colloid.
11. This suggests that the results obtained indeed reflect epithelial transport.
12. Hence, small intestinal epithelial stem cells may be isolated in mixed cell populations and successfully maintained ex vivo.
13. Cytospin preparations of purified epithelial cells were stained by immunoperoxidase to ascertain purity and contaminating mononuclear cells.
14. The dye was reduced by epithelial cells, vascular endothelium, and infiltrating mononuclear cells of the mucosa.
15. Evidence is accumulating to show that gut epithelial cells interact closely with adjacent mononuclear cells.
16. As the epithelial cells manufacture the thyroid hormones, the hormones are stored in the thyroglobulin molecule.
17. This preparation has been shown not to affect epithelial cell proliferation.
18. These compounds are absorbed into the epithelial cells surrounding the central lumen containing the colloid.
19. From the epithelial cells the chylomicrons are released into the lymphatic system, which transports the chylomicrons to the blood.
20. To assess rectal epithelial proliferation, the labelling index was determined in at least 15 crypts per section.
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21. These bacterial factors seemed related to the conditions of epithelial damage.
22. At the same time the enterotoxin also promotes a net secretion of chloride ions into the gut lumen from the epithelial cells.
23. At this stage the cells had already assumed an epithelial form, but were not yet expressing the two marker proteins.
24. Invitro, high extracellular calcium concentrations inhibit the proliferation of human colonic epithelial cells and several colonic cancer cell lines.
25. These studies show that mucosal metabolism can be assessed effectively using biopsy specimens without the need for epithelial cell purification.
26. The follicle, in the shape of a sphere, is lined with a single layer of epithelial cells.
27. Both cell types generated platelet activating factor activity and this was generally comparable for epithelial and lamina propria cells.
28. There are some potential disadvantages of using biopsy specimens as opposed to epithelial cell preparations for metabolic studies.
29. This study reports a reliable and reproducible method of harvesting and culturing gall bladder epithelial cells.
30. In contrast to the surface of a synthetic polymer, however, the epithelial cell surface is highly complex and organised.
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