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Helix in a sentence

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Sentence count:139Posted:2017-04-05Updated:2017-04-05
Similar words: elixirheliumon the lineto the lifeand the liketoe the lineto the limitdraw the lineMeaning: ['hɪːlɪks]  n. 1. a curve that lies on the surface of a cylinder or cone and cuts the element at a constant angle 2. a structure consisting of something wound in a continuous series of loops 3. type genus of the family Helicidae. 
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1. Some biological molecules have the form of a helix.
2. Cobras are constantly depicted entwined in a double helix.
3. The spiral and its three dimensional expression, the helix, have a handedness that is intrinsic.
4. To change to a left handed helix it must pass through a fourth dimension.
5. A helix is any line in which the curvature and torsion measured anywhere and everywhere are in a constant proportion.
6. The twisting of the chain into a helix is a large number of small twists by the individual amino acids.
7. The entwined serpents forming a double helix gave birth to the Caduceus.
8. A right handed helix, moving away, is the departure of a friend.
9. In the formation of the double helix, a total of 12 rotors are restricted per base pair stack.
10. The eastbound helix coiled against the sky like a giant concrete snail.
11. Similar principles apply to helices: A right handed helix, moving forward, is anticlockwise and aggressive.
12. Thus each double helix becomes two double helices, with the two new doublets remaining joined at the centromere.
13. The ends of a helix can be joined to form a continuous ring or torus.
14. Coil the fibre into a helix.
15. Assorted helix lamp socket specification are available .
16. In three dimensions. you see the double helix.
17. Hydrogen bonding between successive coils holds the helix together.
18. This is the double helix.
19. Having a shape approximating that of a helix.
20. Accustomed to midnight, the helix and the cold finger of friction.
21. If the ends of such non-dividing clone are held while it grows, then unexpectedly a double helix appears.
22. These conformations influence the position of the phosphate group with respect to the grooves of the double helix.
23. Each then acts as a template to which other simpler molecules become attached until each has once more become a double helix.
24. These residues lie 25-30 away from Lys 69 and Arg73 in the recognition helix.
25. The two DNA strands in the sample would, of course,(Sentence dictionary) usually relocate their partners and reform the paired double helix.
26. Hard-edged, smelling distastefully of banknotes on snow, they sketched for her, faster than light, a helix of numbers.
27. This displacement allows a strong interaction with the N terminus of the repressor B helix.
28. This is similar to the commonly observed phosphate-binding sites at helix termini in other proteins and, in particular, other repressor-operator complexes.
29. Soon the kites were circling the thermals, a great helix of wide-winged birds sailing the vectors in sweeping corkscrew spirals.
30. In solid films, it was concluded that they congregated to H-type congeries with left-handed helix.
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