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Dissected in a sentence

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Sentence count:104+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-09-20Updated:2017-09-20
Similar words: dissectdissectionintersecteddisaffecteddisconnecteddissentdisseverelectedMeaning: [dɪ'sekt]  adj. having one or more incisions reaching nearly to the midrib. 
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(1) We dissected a frog in biology class.
(2) The city is dissected by a network of old canals.
(3) Her latest novel was dissected by the critics.
(4) Each specimen is carefully dissected.
(5) The film has been minutely dissected by the critics.
(6) He dissected the plan afterward to learn why it had failed.
(7) The specimens were carefully dissected and examined under a microscope.
(8) Tiger's game should not be dissected, merely admired.
(9) The students dissected donkeys rather than horses and even Coleman used donkey material to demonstrate horse muscles.
(10) The monkeys killed Wednesday were dissected for research and then incinerated.
(11) I dissected preserved larvae into their component appendages and painstakingly traced each detail.
(12) It was only when I dissected the heart, this afternoon(, that its significance struck me.
(13) A single animal may be dissected down to organs and tissues, and then parceled out like gold dust to waiting biologists.
(14) Well, he explains, he once dissected a baby sperm whale brought aboard ship.
(15) When the fresh retina was dissected under dim red light, the fovea was usually visible as a dark spot.
(16) Newspaper headlines, radio talk shows and magazine pieces dissected its operations.
(17) Flaccid, deeply dissected, submerged foliage closely resembling an out-stretched bird's foot.
(18) Hannah was a thing to be explored, dissected through detailed empirical investigation.
(19) In effect, this machine dissected time by the weighing of successive equal quantities of fluid.
(20) Together we dissected the organs from frozen shrimp under the surreal conditions of a red-lit laboratory.
(21) Twenty one days post-infection, flies were dissected and infected salivary glands were injected into mice.
(22) The authors studied 50 bilateral dissected specimens of lingual artery and 14 bilateral lingual arteries or arteriovenous corrosive casts.
(23) All these notions are laid on the table and dissected one-by-one with razor sharp perception and humor.
(24) If we live on continents, we tend to see the world as land inconveniently dissected by expanses of water.
(25) Where it had claimed a victory, the same crew of specialists dissected the results and fed them into the machinery.
(26) Kungfu training is constructed in such a way that each step is dissected by the teacher to reveal its particular function.
(27) It remained the chief subject of the editorial pages, dissected and analyzed ceaselessly.
(28) These fan deposits extend into the mountain valleys and have been dissected into terraces by occasional floods emerging from those valleys.
(29) The company's location is a wide area of open, rolling countryside, parched grassland dissected by open dry fissures.
(30) At each segment, the psoas muscle, lumbar plexus, and nerve roots were dissected.
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