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Deathtrap in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-02-23Updated:2017-02-23
Similar words: breathtakingdeathput to deaththe death penaltybathtubleatherfeatherweatherMeaning: n. any structure that is very unsafe; where people are likely to be killed. 
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(1) That sharp bend is a death-trap for motorists.
(2) Deathtraps: Coroner's warning over second hand electrical goods.
(3) And overweight twins are a deathtrap in the event of an engine failure.
(4) But it is no longer a deathtrap.
(5) That old building is a deathtrap.
(6) Xu Jing the deathtrap of this outskirts turned work into the ground, treasure ground.
(7) The soldiers had to remain in a deathtrap salient for most of the rest of the war.
(8) Always all there are a words, make the deathtrap is the maximum safe area, Adidas F50 adizero TRX TF Leather!
(9) He was caught in a deathtrap: the boat's line snared his lower body while its hull kept him underwater.
(10) That's very interesting. Is there a way to distinguish between the timed "deathtrap" dungeons and the regular ones?
(11) Sometimes, most the deathtrap is also this sentence in the most safe place to go impassability.
(12) And Jennifer is under pressure from her boss to prove that the N-22 is a deathtrap.
(13) Dolezal decides to play detective in a one man undercover operation, wandering naively into deathtrap after deathtrap.
(14) London Bridge, the only physical connection between the City and the south side of the river Thames, was itself covered with houses and had been noted as a deathtrap in the fire of 1632.
(15) John they have designed the snare, sets at the deathtrap, but the young man punishes by death the chief criminal.
(16) When one kind of invisible shackles decision must to each person's creativity immobilization firmly in the deathtrap, it must be unable ability which annihilates a person to ponder.
(17) The ugly bureaucrat, the evil invader, the sinister and ruthless spy, all eyes covetously to the Chinese Olympic Games first person, wants to set at it in the deathtrap.
(18) In some 2012 doomsday prophecies, the Earth becomes a deathtrap as it undergoes a "pole shift."
(19) Looking from yellow is injured the situation, the villain should be intends to send it in the deathtrap .
(20) Trial and error is the only tool you have to figure out the malevolent logic of Limbo's deathtrap puzzles.
(21) West shut off the allied armies to lead by way of East Germany comes in and goes out Berlin's all channels, thus west caused Berlin to turn a deathtrap immediately.
(22) Can you tell me, how does somebody survive in a five-story concrete deathtrap like this for five days?
(23) Jeans a powerful egalitarian message, but are far more likely to a sartorial deathtrap for politicians.
(24) Jeans can send out a powerful egalitarian message, but are far more likely to be a sartorial deathtrap for politicians.
(25) There is ahead a news scattering, the each king in the capital city Ye is naturally as anticipated to fly off the deal, so capital city at present is a deathtrap maximum.
(26) " the dog is laughing to say: "Because I carry defect high on the shoulder, and ' too ' the word hides defect dead deathtrap in crotch.
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