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Coprocessor in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2018-05-14Updated:2018-05-14
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1. The reason for this is that the coprocessor is optimised at both hardware and micro code level to perform mathematics.
2. Adding a coprocessor is relatively easy in that all you have to do is plug in a chip into an empty socket.
3. When the coprocessor has finished its' task it passes the result to the main processor.
4. The block cipher coprocessor has been applied in a PCI-FPGA cipher card designed by the Information Security Technology Laboratory of Guangzhou University.
5. A novel16fixed point embedded SIMD array coprocessor which is used to solve low image comprehension is described in the paper.
6. Secondly, we developed the coprocessor TMS320LF2407A to increase the management and the control of the taboret motor and the principal axis and some others.
7. An approach of Micro program Controller design for coprocessor is put forward and a test bench is given to verify its function.
8. Combined with the design of a math coprocessor, the paper dis-cusses how to determine microinstruction format and write microgram code. Multiplication code is presented as an example.
9. A new address generator of the embeded SIMD coprocessor is introduced in this paper.
10. A math coprocessor chip helps programs using lots of mathematical equations to run faster.
11. A GPU is a hardware coprocessor that accelerates computations for computer graphics applications.
11. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
12. The concept and design principle of reconfigurable cipher coprocessor are proposed in this paper.
13. Finally, by use of the Turbo coprocessor in TMS320C6416 DSP, turbo decoding is realized as part of the uplink baseband signal processing.
14. But what if the market-based arguments against AMD's coprocessor plans were nullified? This is exactly what would happen if AMD were to acquire ATI.
15. All very nice in theory but there are delays in passing information between coprocessor and main processor.
16. The speed of the main processor still has more effect on spreadsheet applications than the coprocessor.
17. There two ways to upgrade to a 386 - by adding a coprocessor card and by replacing the motherboard.
18. The larger processor fits in the main processor slot the smaller in the coprocessor slot. 6.
19. Its only disadvantage is that it isn't as quite as easy as plugging in a coprocessor card.
20. The larger of the two chips fits in the main processor socket, the smaller in the coprocessor socket.
21. This paper presents an embedded monocular vision system for object tracking in real time with coprocessor architecture based on DSPand FPGA.
22. Using this method to test C 387 L math coprocessor proves this method is more reliable.
23. Because few native platforms are stack-based (the Intel X87 floating-point coprocessor is one notable exception), most native platforms can't execute Java bytecodes directly.
24. In order to accelerate the speed of data exchange, often with embedded RSA algorithm coprocessor , and other.
25. The executing of the microcode function of the microprogram controller is very crucial to the instructions decoder in the coprocessor.
26. Finally, circuit design, physical design, simulation and validation of the encryption coprocessor chip are presented.
27. A high-speed optical correlator being developed by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) will act as a coprocessor to an Intel Paragon XP/S-25 computer.
28. This firmware is available on a limited basis from IBM, and essentially turns the 4758 Coprocessor into a cryptographic processor.
29. High-Speed Floating-point Adder is a critical part in the coprocessor, which is attached to the computing basis of floating-point instructions.
30. In this mode, the full security features of the 4758 Coprocessor are available.
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