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Processional in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-09-29Updated:2017-09-29
Similar words: processionaccessionalconcessionalsuccessionalprofessionalprofessionallyprocessingunprofessionalMeaning: [prə'seʃnəl]  n. religious music used in a procession. adj. 1. intended for use in a procession 2. of or relating to or characteristic of a procession. 
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1. There was tight security along the processional route.
2. The processional party was already waiting for him.
3. The processional way begins at the north-west entrance, with the cone placed squarely behind you.
4. A processional hymn is available to all.
5. Flags lined the processional route.
6. Processional races and the abject lack of competition for the 36 - year - old Schumacher and his reluctant understudy Rubens Barrichello sparked a winter of bitter in-fighting .
7. According to Nietzsche's new interpretation of reality these processional organizations of force are to be qualified as will-to-power forces.
8. Their first exhibition of themselves was in a processional march of two and two round the parish.
9. Then, brain trust suggests to examine processional catchword.
10. Questions set off a processional effect that has an impact beyond our imagining. Questioning our limitations is what tears down the walls-in business, in relationships, between countries.
11. When the processional music begins, all graduates must stand up to welcome the Presiding Group to enter the Auditorium.
12. After processional main forces awaits machine hall through home, gather in bay boat to match a park on the side of eat building in.
13. Processional organization is according to Nietzsche the fundamental operation of everything that is real and alive.
14. Some people also think that it has a processional ritual use.
15. People carry the holy fire and processional banners to the Teacher in the dwelling of dawn.
16. Consequently composers have revived ancient liturgical-musical forms such as responsorial music, acclamations, litanies and processional songs.
17. Outside the compound of the bride's parents the processions were met by similar processional parties of near relatives of the bride.
18. Main research of this paper is the education of Jr. programmer, the framework of teaching system and the multi-teaching method in the higher processional colleges.
19. We will offer a lovely environment by honesty faith, processional design team and prefect construction equipment!
20. Inside the museum is one of the site's most valuable relics: a glazed brick relief of a lion, one of 120 that once lined the processional way into the city.
21. Chiang resolutely rejected to change the policy of "Suppressing CPC".On December 9, Zhang told the processional students, he would give reply to their patriotic demands.
22. Both caves, but particularly cave 6, are richly carved with episodes from religious stories and processional scenes.
23. With the advance of the reform of basic education, teacher processional development become attracting much attention.
24. It was three years ago, nearly to the day. Our middle child was walking through the processional as Mamaroneck High School celebrated its graduating seniors.
24. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
25. The midmorning dance is for schoolchildren. The formal noon processional is the main event, with the men in top hats and frock coats, the women in gowns.
26. But inattentive drivers — some of them talking on cell phones or simply not noticing a long line of cars traveling together — are a major factor in what seems like a rise in processional incivility.
27. I was amazed at it all: our safe, orderly progress, the unhazardous conditions, our processional grandeur as we were guarded from behind by the red Dodge Ram.
28. Transient car is being convoyed to follow at the back of processional crowd by the police, there is one share in them through crying flute supports this parade.
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