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Come down in a sentence

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Synonym: boil downdescendfallgo downprecipitatereducesickenSimilar words: lie downtake downwrite downclose downsettle downcome homearmedmediaMeaning: v. 1. move downward and lower, but not necessarily all the way 2. be the essential element 3. fall from clouds 4. get sick 5. criticize or reprimand harshly. 
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1. What goes up must come downIsaac Newton 
2. He had come down to begging when his father found him.
3. They tried for hours to get her to come down from the roof, but it was no go.
4. It's amazing how much computers have come down in price over the past few years.
5. She refused to come down squarely on either side of the argument.
6. I watched the climbers come down into the valley.
7. If it happens again,[] we'll come down on you so hard that you'll wish you'd never been born.
8. I never thought he would come down to begging.
9. The tree had come down in a fierce gale the night before.
10. The authorities plan to come down hard on truancy in future.
11. The name has come down from the last century.
12. He had come down with the flu.
13. Such a custom has come down to the present moment.
14. Prices ought to come down soon.
15. I'll just finish drying my hair then I'll come down.
16. They don't come down to London much because it's too tiring with the kids.
17. We were forced to come down in a field.
18. Come down from there this minute!
19. It looks as if interest rates will come down again this month.
20. Part of the ceiling had come down.
21. They all come down with influenza.
22. German interest rates will come down before long.
23. When you come down to it, however[], the basic problems of life have not changed.
24. It's a bad lookout for the company if interest rates don't come down.
25. Fancy her taking a job like that - she's certainly come down in the world!
26. The jury is considering its verdict and we're waiting to see which side of the fence they'll come down on.
27. He's asking £5000, but he may be willing to come down to £4800.
28. They used to live in a big house with lots of servants, but they've come down in the world since then.
29. He was on a real high all last week and he's only just come down.
30. Right. What I want now is two volunteers to come down to the front.
More similar words: lie downtake downwrite downclose downsettle downcome homearmedmediamedalmediummedicalwashed outweed outfeed onimmediatebased onmedicationa bed of rosesdowndownswidowget downgo downhold downput downrun downcut downset downlay downwindow
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