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Censure in a sentence

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Synonym: blamecondemncriticizedenouncereproachAntonym: praiseSimilar words: ensurecensuscommensurateensueinsurgentinsuranceinsurgencein surpriseMeaning: ['senʃə]  n. 1. harsh criticism or disapproval 2. the state of being excommunicated. v. rebuke formally. 
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1. Mankind censure injustice, fearing that they may be the victims of it and not because they shrink from commintting it. 
2. He could face censure from his colleagues.
3. His dishonest behaviour came under severe censure.
4. The opposition passed a vote of censure on the government.
5. The opposition will put down a censure motion on the government's handling of the affair.
6. You must not censure him until you know the whole story.
7. Right-wing parties tabled a motion of censure against the government.
8. I would not presume to censure Osborne for hating his mother.
9. The Opposition plan to put down a censure motion on the Government's handling of the affair.
10. Who was she to censure him?
11. Third, corrective action rather than censure must follow.
12. Censure gives Mr Wahid three months to explain himself.
13. Earlier yesterday the government had defeated an opposition censure motion in the lower house of parliament.
14. Both governments fear censure if the fuel is shipped around the world again.
15. Feargal's censure, Phena's bitterness - a hell of a burden to carry all your adult life.
16. Appeal to ecclesiastical censure as a way of explaining the misfortunes of scientific theories is a card that can be overplayed.
17. The prospect of censure intensified what, for Galileo, was fast becoming a dilemma.
18. The ethics committee may take a decision to admonish him or to censure him.
19. It is a controversial policy which has attracted international censure.
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20. Costs will have to be kept down if severe public censure is to be avoided.
21. Singer's religion is also a feeling for the power of the community to censure and reject.
22. Options range from no action to a fine, reprimand, censure or expulsion from the House.
23. Scarcely any aspect of life in the countries where he passes his voluntary exile has failed to incur his pessimistic censure.
24. A reprimand would allow Gingrich to keep his leadership job, while a formal censure would strip Gingrich of his speakership.
25. In discussing John, advisers may acknowledge that they would feel uncomfortable with the client, probably feeling censure.
26. Its only real weapon over the government is that it can propose a vote of censure.
27. The reprimand stops just short of a vote of censure, which would have forced Gingrich to resign as speaker.
28. By fully exploiting their market position currently, monopolistic firms might elicit adverse public opinion and governmental censure.
29. When Parliament returned, the Opposition would take the matter up and proceed to a vote of censure.
30. An initial reluctance on the part of Galileo to publicize the Copernican system should not automatically be ascribed to fear of clerical censure.
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