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Carrying capacity in a sentence

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1 This is a well balanced rucksack, with good carrying capacity for long trips, at an affordable price.
2 Static load carrying capacity large.
3 Tradition design about step gear-driven wastes partial carrying capacity of makings. Simple goal parameter optimization is insufficient.
4 Hybrid floating ring bearing has excellence at high carrying capacity? compact structure and low friction work loss,[] it is often used as a system to support equipment rotating at high speed.
5 The ships with large carrying capacity such as oil tanker, ore carrier play important roles.
6 These can not only reduce the carrying capacity of rear fork structure, but also affect vehicle assembly and vehicle performance.
7 The formulae of the silt carrying capacity for the tidal flow might be obtained by statistical method using measured silt concentration directly.
8 And it has bearings with high carrying capacity and combination box-shaped base.
9 The amount of fuel needed to drive this route is probably beyond the carrying capacity of the vehicle.
10 This may give rise to a more severe have, have-not mentality, causing resentment toward those nations with a higher carrying capacity.
11 Such being the case, China is continuously exporting eco carrying capacity.
12 The deviser often cares the reflection range of the structure when some parameters vary in certain scope, in order to assure its carrying capacity.
13 The comprehensive harnessing of small watershed is a fundamental measure of controlling the river silt carrying capacity.
14 During the research on the population dynamics of cotton aphid ever, the dynamics modeling of cotton aphid was described with one Logistic curve, and the carrying capacity is a fixed number.
15 Thread coupling and bayonet coupling connect technique, known for their supreme reliability, high power carrying capacity, inherent ruggedness and capacity to withstand extreme harsh environment.
16 The results show that the spiral oil wedges can realize the flow separation between the hot oil and the cold oil, avoid heating oil repeatedly, but conduce to the decrease of carrying capacity.
17 Aimed at the low efficiency of truck loading, the loading plan was made to utilize the volume and carrying capacity by using optimization methods.
18 Sickle - cell anemia affects a red blood cell's oxygen carrying capacity, making everyday tasks difficult.
19 Cycloid pin gear planetary reducers are widely used in agricultural machinery with their big transmission ratio and high carrying capacity.
20 At first, the paper introduces the concept of railway junction terminal carrying capacity.
21 This paper presents an indicator system for evaluating water carrying capacity of southern China developed cities on the basis of analysis the current indicator system.
22 Introduce the calculating methods of rigid plastic laminates ' carrying capacity, which apply internal access or excircle polygons to replace the intrinsic nonlinear superconvexity.
23 Adequate tissue perfusion seems to be more important than the oxygen - carrying capacity of the blood.
24 The deposition of sediment in channels decreases the channel capacity and the flood - carrying capacity.
25 It's introduced some situation about H type steel pile driven into batholite, ultimate load carrying capacity and deviation of pile top while using long distance follower pile under water.
26 Casting technique and curing condition of concrete have little effect on the load-deflection relationship, load carrying capacity, mode of failure and distribution of cracks in simple beams.
27 Intercalating the rib stiffeners of web, end-plate and reinforcement plate will greatly enhance carrying capacity of connections and initial connection stiffness.
28 Therefore there is very important theoretical and practical significance to research on calculation method and system development of railway junction carrying capacity based on time-phase.
29 The essay discusses the effect of railway maintenance skylight on railway carrying capacity under the condition of non-automatic block in single-tracked line.
30 The results show that the spiral oil wedges can realize the flow separation between the hot oil and the cold oil, avoid heating oil repeatedly and conduce to the decrease of carrying capacity.
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