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Be made up of in a sentence

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1) An integrated circuit can be made up of a few capacitors, diodes, resistors and transistors or even thousands of them.
2) Consequently, a nominal 60-year loan would in practice be made up of many short-, medium-, and long-term loans.
3) My face seemed to be made up of a mass of needles or spikes or electrical impulses.
4) The panel that he envisaged would be made up of their representatives and would provide them with a forum to air concerns.
5) A quarter of Africom's staff is meant to be made up of linguists, historians and other specialists.
6) For example,[ made up of.html] a table could be made up of cylinders for legs and a box for the top.
7) The partitioning key should be made up of columns that often participate in a GROUP BY clause.
8) is crucial [as a] single business service may be made up of a number of components ...
9) A complete laterite profile should be made up of laterite layer, parti-color clay layer and carbonate rock saprolite.
10) The volumes will be made up of chapters written by authorities in a particular field.
11) A document is considered to be made up of a number of topics, each with its own information type.
12) The clan called the Camorra is thought to be made up of rival clans that often clash in turf wars.
13) Ordinary smells can be made up of tens to hundreds of compounds, so Sobel and his colleagues puffed only pure chemicals into the noses of their wired subjects, one scent at a time.
14) Called The Ceramic Market, the project will be made up of six buildings connected by courtyards and bridges, and enclosed by the existing buildings on either side and a transparent roof.
15) It may be made up of one cell, or one or many layers of cells. It produces gametes that are usually motile. Compare archegonium .
16) A life worth living should be made up of continuous efforts and progresses.
17) An automatic polarization measure system can be made up of a commercial potentiostat and a computer.
18) The independent inquiry would be made up of 10 US citizens with "significant experience in such fields as banking, regulation of markets, taxation, finance, economics and housing".
19) Your investment club can be made up of people from all walks of life and various income levels although frequently, an investment club comprises people of similar means and interests.
20) Rockets can be made up of multiple sections, known as stages, each of which contain an engine and can be jettisoned when their fuel runs out.
21) Its profile was an irregular parallelogram, and it appeared to be made up of interlocking blocks of crystalline metal.
22) All data in a CouchDB database is stored in a document, and each document can be made up of an undefined number of fields.
23) A typical class in a top-tier U.S. school might be made up of 70%American students, 20% international students with close ties to the U.S., and10% genuine "outsiders."
24) Graininess: The character of a photographic image when, under normal viewing conditions, it appears to be made up of distinguishable particles, or grains.
25) The suspension of modern cars has many kinds of structure, but generally be made up of the spring, shock absorber, suspension links some and auxiliary elastic components such as horizontal stabilizer.
26) The committee of invite tender are composed of people from vendee, invite tender organization and the experts of related field. It must be made up of odd and five people at least.
27) On the world stage 60 per cent think China is set to become the world's leading superpower, while a third of us think Great Britain will be made up of four self-governed countries.
28) In our calculations, an organic molecule benzene-1,4- dithiol is chosen to structure molecular junctions, and the metal electrodes are presumed to be made up of gold.
29) Most probably, yes--especially as India's governments have tended to be made up of large coalitions of 10 to 20 parties.
30) Up to a third of the weight of your pillow could be made up of bugs, dead skin, dust mites and their faeces.
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