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Apogee in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2017-03-12Updated:2017-03-12
Antonym: perigeeSimilar words: pogromrefugeesqueegeetopographytogetherkapogo togethercogentMeaning: ['æpəʊdʒiː]  n. 1. a final climactic stage 2. apoapsis in Earth orbit; the point in its orbit where a satellite is at the greatest distance from the Earth. 
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1. His political career reached its apogee in the 1960s.
2. At their apogee, the novels of Spillane claimed worldwide sales of over 180 million.
3. The orbit of the artificial satellite has an apogee of 200 miles from the earth.
4. At apogee its radial velocity reaches zero, so it once again has a purely horizontal velocity.
5. That was at the very apogee of the age of imperialism, when white men carved up the black continent between them.
6. Crazy logic had reached the ultimate apogee of absurdity - or perhaps not quite.
7. His longtime sailboat, named Apogee in honor of his lunar Apollo flight, is for sale.
8. Apogee have made an entry into the educational market with this first high class educational game.
9. At any point on the ellipse between apogee and perigee a spacecraft will have both a horizontal and a radial velocity.
10. It reached its apogee in a 1924 speech to the Royal Society of St George.
11. When they arrive at apogee, they must bum again to circularize their path.
12. The farthest point on lunar orbit is called apogee.
13. Particularly well equipped are the apogee telescopes.
14. George, where is the apogee on the earth?
15. The Grand Design reached its rhetorical apogee.
16. AMS ( Apogee and Maneuvering Stage ) .
17. In the case of finite thrust apogee maneuver for the geostationary satellite, the fuel consumption increases due to the long burn arc.
18. The Alliance for Progress reached its apogee during the first half of the decade.
19. In terms of artistic production the city of Paris reached its apogee between 1250 and 1330.
19. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
20. The greater the distance between the foci the more eccentric the orbit and the greater the difference between apogee and perigee.
21. The same two types of horizontal burn can be applied at the point of apogee.
22. Ninety-eight years after the first Molyneux-Cribb duel, a black man ascended to the apogee of sporting achievement.
23. The religious community that subsequently formed here was at its apogee in the twelfth century, when the present church was begun.
24. At midnight on Friday, December 12, 1919, that rocket reached its apogee.
25. Transportation systems have a habit of being overtaken by new technology even as they reach their apogee.
26. Depth of puncture can be deduced according to interval of apogee of malar archs.
27. Mistakenly believe that doing elliptical motion of the satellite perigee and apogee of the orbit radius of curvature different.
28. By considering the impact of perturbation, orbital characteristics are researched mainly from three aspects including precession of orbital plane, change of orbital inclination and rotation of apogee.
29. If this is an ellipse around the Earth, then this would be perigee and this would be apogee.
30. Although Mr Zakaria strives to present the rise of China, India and "the rest" as unthreatening to the US, the inescapable conclusion is that the Bush years marked the apogee of American power.
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