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OSPF in a sentence

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1 OSPF handles its own error detection and correction functions.
2 The port for OSPF configuration is 2604.
3 OSPF (open shortest path first) is a widely used dynamic routing protocol in IP networks.
4 The OSPF open shortest path first refresh mechanism can cause periodic bursts of traffic on networks.
5 On which types of network will OSPF elect a backup designated router?
6 The Interactive Media Activity will teach students about OSPF terminology .
7 The OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) routing protocol is a dynamic routing protocol with excellent performance, which is applicable to large scale networks.
8 All routers in the OSPF area will learn a default route provided that the interface of the border router to the default gateway is active.
9 OSPF selects the fastest loop-free path from the SPF tree as the best path in the network.
10 Large OSPF networks use a hierarchical design. Multiple areas connect to a distribution area, area 0, also called the backbone.
11 Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) , the commonly used routing algorithms, can't detect the state of link in time.
12 OSPF was designed to support variable - length subnet masking ( VLSM ) or Classless Inter - Domain Routing ( CIDR ) addressing models.
13 Router generates and checks every OSPF packet. Router authenticates the source of each routing update packet that it receives.
14 We hope OSPF not only enable to find out the shortest path from the origin node to the destination node but also has the ability to allocate resource of the whole network by extending.
15 What is the maximum number of hops OSPF allows before it deems a network unreachable?
16 Routers in larger OSPF networks tend to originate a great lot of LSAs within a short period of time,( thus causing periodical network resource exhaustion by LSA refreshments.
17 Configuring OSPF is actually simpler than configuring RIP: at the most basic, we only need to tell OSPF to broadcast all the routes it knows.
18 These protocols, along with OSPF (a separately purchasable option), are layered on top of the IP (network) layer.
19 OSPF detects changes in the topology, such as link failures, very quickly and converges on a new loop-free routing structure within seconds.
20 Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching(GMPLS) is used as the control protocol for ASON, of which the routing part is mainly governed by the Open Shortest Path First(OSPF) protocol.
21 Like OSPF, EIGRP relies on different types of packets to maintain its tables and establish relationships with neighbor routers. This page will describe these packet types.
22 Although OSPF and RIP can be used together, we preferred to work with a simpler configuration and used OSPF exclusively.
23 Working with a small test network, we wanted to demonstrate various load-balancing scenarios with Routing Information Protocol (RIP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF).
24 Have R2 originate a default route into the OSPF domain.
25 This table is comparable to the adjacency database used by OSPF. There is a neighbor table for each protocol that EIGRP supports.
26 Each additional area must have a direct or virtual connection to the backbone OSPF area.
27 In the paper, a network topology model and an arithmetic based on it are presented, which are applied in OSPF protocol testing.
28 This paper describes the main task, packet format and data flow of IARP, and presents an intrazone routing algorithm based on OSPF.
29 It features a high-availability design with redundant and hot-pluggable hardware, hitless software upgrades, and graceful BGP and OSPF restart.
30 Then a routing protocol testing platform is designed to simulate the running of the OSPF protocol. Finally a simulated trouble analysis is performed.
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