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Hogging in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-09-25Updated:2017-09-25
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1. Stop hogging the biscuits and pass them round!
2. The story has been hogging the headlines for weeks.
3. Hogging the limelight ... top award for wildlife video.
4. Mom, Pam's hogging the bathroom again!
5. She gave him little room on the seat, hogging the middle.
6. He's been hogging the limelight .
7. You're presenting a message, not hogging the limelight!
8. But Hillary keeps hogging those funerals.
9. I want you to stop hogging my desk space, all right?
10. Have you done hogging the bathroom?
11. When " hogging " ( during start - up ), the requirement is to lower the pressure as quickly as possible.
12. Sorry for hogging so much time of yours.
13. This guy has been 5 hogging the bathroom for 25 minutes!
14. This is a very CPU and hogging process.
15. Okay , I suppose you arent hogging it anymore.
16. I require you to stop hogging my desk space, all right?
17. I want you to stop hogging my desk ace, all right?
18. At first glance, the spotlight - hogging boss seems the villain.
19. Now, Bert, quit hogging the limelight.
20. Would you stop hogging all the ice cream!
21. He is brimming with ideas, but in the past has been accused of hogging the limelight.
22. Dawn revealed that the rough seas had once again snapped the hogging trusses which sagged pitifully on each side of the raft.
23. For wine is alive, and now I realize I have been hogging far too much of it.
24. Now I could almost resent the rank and file, up there hogging every scene.
25. The shrinkage and creep of concrete will make concrete continuous beam bridges hogging or deflecting continuously.
26. She kept her reply vague, but slipped and bitched about Joe's snoring and hogging the bed.
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