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Sagging in a sentence

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Sentence count:86+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-05-15Updated:2017-05-15
Similar words: laggingnaggingbraggingdraggingflaggingunflaggingjoggingriggingMeaning: [sæg] adj. hanging down (as from exhaustion or weakness). random good picture
1, Brace those sagging shelves with more crosspieces.
2, The speaker is drivelling about the sagging economy.
3, He sat down in the sagging armchair.
4, The TV plays now get sagging and sagging.
5, Bainbridge pulled up his sagging trousers and struck the pose of a fearless sea captain.
6, We tried to revive her sagging spirits.
7, The sagging economy has finally bottomed out.
8, They braced the sagging wall with a piece of wood.
9, They vary from a brief head nod or sagging of the body to a full-blown fall with injury.
10, Later, as he drove, the night cooled, sagging low with bright stars that flooded every street and yard.
11, There was sagging wire beneath the frame, a drip of water plunged sporadically into the space where his feet would rest.
12, Tom carefully opened a sagging wooden gate and went up a stone path that led around the side of the house.
13, Once, when morale was sagging, a visibly pregnant IsabelIa rode up to cheer the troops.
14, Like Parsons, his skin was sagging in places like an ill-fitting suit.
15, They ducked under the sagging wire and made their way round the back of the lake.
16, Sagging plank bookshelves covered most of the walls, with papers and magazines scattered over all the flat surfaces.
17, The tiny window had dusty, sagging black curtains which he guessed must be black-out curtains from the Second World War.
18, In the far corner was a sagging bed and a cupboard.
19, They cry themselves to sleep, he behind his wooden bars and she on the big sagging bed.
20, There was a wide, cobbled enclosure, flanked on all sides by sagging black buildings.
21, As she staggered awkwardly, he grabbed firm hold of the sagging pyjama-jacket,( arresting her flight as he held her there.
22, Kelly wanted him on the ticket because he was trying to shore up his sagging reputation with the voters.
23, The outer pockets of the jacket were filled and sagging.
24, The labor was eased by a four-wheel-drive pickup truck, several hammers and a sagging wheelbarrow.
25, The dance floor is dim, and colored lights give the bland cafeteria walls and the sagging crepe the snap of fiesta.
26, Fiona, 43, had surgery earlier this year to tighten her sagging jawline.
27, He resembled a great old oak, now dying, ancient limbs sagging under their own weight, the sap no longer rising.
28, He was in the backyard hanging the dripping wash on the sagging clothesline.
29, And a huge, body-sized canvas bag with furnace tape around its sagging middle.
30, In time they turn into deep lines, wrinkles, frown marks and sagging skin.
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