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Hugging in a sentence

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Sentence count:90+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-07-23Updated:2017-07-23
Similar words: muggingtuggingpluggingdebuggingthuggishdoggingnaggingdiggingMeaning: [hʌg] n. affectionate play (or foreplay without contact with the genital organs). random good picture
1. We stood there crying and hugging each other.
2. I'm hugging myself at the thought of seeing him again so soon.
3. He was hugging a big pile of books.
4. "Dear boy," she crooned, hugging him heartily.
5. The child is hugging her doll.
6. She was hugging a pillow as a comforter.
7. My son was hugging the gift from his aunt.
8. She stood close to the wall, hugging herself against the cold.
9. She sat in the chair, hugging her knees.
10. We crept along, hugging the perimeter fence.
11. I can't ever recall Dad hugging me. Neither did I sit on his knee.
12. Shaerl trudged toward them, hugging a large box.
13. Sarah sat on the floor, hugging her knees.
14. We sailed until midnight, hugging the shore.
15. Albert sat, hugging his knees(, and staring at nothing.
16. Marie's still rocking - hugging herself like some of the poorly kids at school used to.
17. Hugging close under a dark warm tent of comforter.
18. Winding across them are trees that must be hugging rivers hidden in purple shadows.
19. I just sat staring into the darkness, hugging my knees.
20. Emmie sat at his feet, silently hugging her knees.
20. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
21. She leaned forward, hugging her knees.
22. Loulou charged up to each new arrival, thumping and hugging in a demonstrative greeting.
23. Almirante Boulevard is a main artery out of Waldron, hugging the coastline all the way.
24. She retreated back downstairs, and climbed on to the mildewed sofa, hugging her knees up to her chin.
25. Al Jourgensen is seen wandering around the hotel foyer hugging a wooden duck, used to frighten off local wildlife.
26. So when Summerchild steps out up Whitehall at the end of the day he is still hugging their secret madness to himself.
27. Ultimately, Diana has been seen more in long, sleek, hugging and sometimes revealing evening gowns.
28. The new road will stretch from Barcelona to the Adriatic, hugging the Mediterranean coast.
29. Something about the slave girl fascinated Heather as she took in the pink silk dress hugging the curves of her body.
30. She came closer, with tiny little jumps, until they were hugging close.
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