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Legging in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2017-04-03Updated:2017-04-03
Similar words: beggingmuggingdiggingnaggingriggingloggingjoggingflaggingMeaning: [leg] n. a garment covering the leg (usually extending from the knee to the ankle). random good picture
1. A horse stumbles that has four legs. 
2. To travel through the world it is necessary to have the mouth of hog, the legs of a stag, the eyes of a falcon, the ears of an ass, shoulders of a camel, and the face of an ape, and overplus, a satchel full of money and patience. 
3. Old use and wont legs about the fire. 
4. My legs were tired after so much walking.
5. She nearly fell down by stumbling over my stretched leg.
6. The old lady fell down in the street and broke her leg.
7. She was awake during the operation on her leg.
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8. He fell down and broke his legs.
9. He sustained injuries to his arms, legs and several internal organs.
10. She had a sudden painful cramp in her left leg.
11. They bound my arms and legs with rope.
12. My bad leg is really giving me gyp today.
13. My leg is sore, it hurts.
14. Her legs had got swollen from standing up all day.
15. She gave an agonized cry as they lifted the fallen branch from her leg.
16. Slacken your legs and slowly lie back.
17. The horse kicked him on the leg.
18. At one point the dancers flipped onto their backs and splayed their legs.
19. How many legs does a centipede have?
20. Try to coordinate the movements of your arms and legs.
21. The arduous task of legging through a long tunnel like that under Castle Hill at Dudley could take over 3 hours.
22. Detailed chemical and microscopic analysis on the leather legging, some 32 inches long, reveal it was made of goatskin, and tanned using birch bark and other plants.
23. However, compared with Europe and North America, Asia legging in regional cooperation.
24. He was now to be seen legging it across the field.
25. Later tunnels were built with towpaths which dispensed with the need for legging.
26. The utility model relates to a pair of walking ice skating shoes, which can be conveniently disassembled. Each shoe base can rotate in the mode of winding a legging outer shell and is telescopic.
27. While the operator is putting on the second pants for topping, he or she is now legging the first pair.
28. Two main reasons caused the exhaustion: lacking investigation in the supply abilities of wild plants and legging of wild species domestication.
29. We saw some kids shinning up a drainpipe before legging it clutching a TV and hi-fi.
30. However, compared with Europe and North America, Asia is legging behind in regional cooperation.
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