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Tagging in a sentence

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1. It is also worth tagging on an extra day or two to see the capital.
2. Professor Orr has developed interesting ways of tagging chemical molecules using existing laboratory lasers.
3. I was tagging along, comforting a man in misery until he started teaching.
4. The guidelines say electronic tagging should only be used with the consent of residents or a proxy.
5. Then there's the demonstration of tagging - a reminder that these calves are numbers rather than names.
6. At age 10, she began tagging along when her brothers would head out to the neighborhood playgrounds and recreation centers.
7. Church augmented his tagging program to locate noun phrases.
8. Rule Britannia and child abuse. Electronic tagging, Boss, ten pints and plenty rape.
9. Peter would be better off without her tagging along anyway.
10. He's tagging along with me.
11. Transposon tagging is a powerful molecular tool for isolating genes with unknown functions.
12. Part-of-speech tagging is the task of assigning symbols from a particular set to words in a natural language text.
13. First - in unit initiated a START Triage tagging system.
14. She would be so miserable tagging along after this insensitive doofus.
15. Coordinate to 5 S activities, rationalization proposals,( ) Abnormal Tagging etc.
16. Disable Namespace aware to ignore the namespace tagging in the XML document, and to check only the simple name of the element and the final return value.
17. Frame tagging functions at Layer 2 and does not require much network resources or administrative overhead.
18. The accuracy of tagging pain of sped is 95 % for closed - corpora.
19. Agrobacterium - mediated T - DNA tagging is an effective molecular technology in recent years.
20. Another important use of statistical grammatical information has been for the grammatical tagging of natural language corpora.
21. The use of tagged architecture is limited to research projects at present, although the Burroughs B6700 computer makes some use of tagging.
22. There are two main applications for which this approach has been used: 1 Automatic corpus tagging.
23. The village cat owner sets off from home and finds the pet cat tagging along.
24. One of those do-nothing political conferences-the party was paying-and John and Tony had talked her into tagging along.
25. Regular visits will be made to capture a variety of birds for tagging with special identification rings.
26. The processing of Chinese corpus includes Chinese word segmentation and part - of - speech tagging.
27. Based on the corpus linguistics, we make some rules to build a corpus of chinese novel by manual tagging and refined Proofreading. In this corpus, we mark the position of the zero anaphor.
28. This paper briefly introduces the classification of words and part-of-speech tagging , then introduces a computer model of syntactic processing: context-free grammar.
29. This is part of a much larger program called the Census of Marine Life, where they're going to be tagging all over the world and the Mola's going to enter into that.
30. There are many methods can get gene, but the transposon tagging technique makes clone easily and simply.
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