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Upper-class in a sentence

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Sentence count:46Posted:2018-01-28Updated:2018-05-25
Similar words: upper classupperclassmanunderclasslower-classlower classcomputer classjunior classthunderclapMeaning: adj. occupying the highest socioeconomic position in a society upper class. n. the class occupying the highest position in the social hierarchy. 
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1) Her wealth and reputation gave her entree into upper-class circles.
2) At university he affected an upper-class accent.
3) It was common for upper-class women to take lovers.
4) She comes from a very upper-class family.
5) She adopted an upper-class accent to give herself a veneer of sophistication.
6) Acting was not a kosher trade for an upper-class girl.
7) Milky white skin was an upper-class status symbol.
8) But then right-wing, upper-class fictional characters would have fun even if tentacled Martians were chasing them through sewage.
9) Broadsheets are aimed at an educated middle and upper-class readership.
10) Upper-class Christians were indistinguishable from their pagan fellows in their life-style.
11) We have retained a healthy share of middleand upper-class readers, an affluent audience attractive to advertisers.
12) He spoke with an upper-class accent, and Margaret realized his face was vaguely familiar.
13) Another Bloomsbury hallmark was witty conversation and upper-class snobbery, which has made Bloomsbury reviled in some circles.
14) Writing about slum life for middle- and upper-class consumption was not a new genre in the 1880s.
15) My mother was born into an upper-class American family.
16) He mimicked her upper-class accent.
17) Upper-class participants said 2.1% of incomes should be donated.
18) The additional fact that New Orleans has upper-class and middle-class black populations has been a significant factor in such projects.
19) He described British public schools as, "the last redoubt of upper-class privilege".
20) British public schools are regarded as one of the last bastions of upper-class privilege.
21) It is not just gang members who get into trouble - it's middle-class and upper-class kids as well.
22) I interpret as the inevitable result of conflict between art and female obligation in upper-class, old-family Boston.
23) Despite the wry observations about the differences between working-class Hispanics and upper-class whites, this is not a story about culture clashes.
24) Shortly afterwards he is stabbed in the throat, the locus of his offence: those commanding, upper-class vowels.
25) As was explained in the previous chapter,( the architecture of upper-class housing itself became increasingly divisive.
26) For many years her life was almost a caricature of the daily round of the Victorian upper-class spinster.
27) The reverse is true for men, however, with a smaller proportion of working-class men marrying than their upper-class contemporaries.
28) But their choice soon became clear: presuming they want to sell the film in America, the " baddie " obviously has to be played by an upper-class Englishman.
29) Today however, as health services, nutrition, sanitation and education have become universal, upper-class children have continued to grow taller, but at a slower rate than working-class children.
30) For Bourdieu, Kant's discussion and description of pure taste in fact forcedly make the privileged life belong to the leisured upper-class aesthetic taste to a universal human emotional experience.
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