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Trichromatic in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2019-11-05Updated:2019-11-05
Similar words: dichromaticchromaticchromaticsachromaticisochromaticchromaticitypanchromaticapochromaticMeaning: adj. having or involving three colors. 
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1. Black, white, ash is trichromatic also say colorless and tonal.
2. What fasten from a demitint first is trichromatic eye shadow begins, warm for instance brown.
3. Black and white red trichromatic advocate hit my home.
4. Trichromatic LED commercial lighting products using the most advanced digital controls, thermal management and lighting design, product quality and performance are up the international standards.
5. The conventional theory is that primates evolved trichromatic color vision to assist them in foraging, specifically by allowing them to detect red/orange food items from green leaf backgrounds.
6. The present status and future prospects of trichromatic fluorescent powder made from rare earths are reviewed. Mechanism of rare earths in phosphors is briefly introduced.
7. The titled dye, a component in very pale trichromatic dyes, was prepared by an oxidation-complexation reaction. Optimum reaction conditions were studied.
7. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
8. Her dress is white ash forever black trichromatic .
9. Trichromatic staining is the staining of tissue samples differentially in three colors.
10. Become however in the dream trichromatic rain, heavy hill dare not fight Tsinghua.
11. Bichromatic and trichromatic manipulation of spontaneous emission in a three-level system in A configuration is also investigated.
12. Bichromatic and trichromatic manipulation of spontaneous emission in a three - level system in A configuration also investigated.
13. The mass-tone attune of my home is black and white red trichromatic , coffee and gray are adorned among them.
14. Firstly, we studied the transitions in three-level system driven by a trichromatic field and probed by a monochromatic field. Based on that, we wrote out the density matrix equation.
15. But was an extra photopigment all that was needed to evolve trichromatic vision? Or does seeing the world in all its colourful splendour require extra brain power too?
16. But was an extra photopigment all that was needed to evolve trichromatic vision?
17. Humans and old world monkeys have three different types of cones ( trichromatic vision) while other mammals lack cones with red sensitive pigment and therefore have poorer (dichromatic) colour vision.
18. We will study the affection to color rendering of trichromatic of laser paper through many experiments and by contrasting laser paper with art paper gold and silver foil paper.
19. The brightness of dyed luminous fiber was also decreased along with the increase of K/S value during trichromatic dyeing.
20. USES: As red phosphor for color Tv - sets and trichromatic lamp.
21. Actually, no matter be in which popular domain, red black and white trichromatic is tie-in forever won't outdated.
22. By dyes selection, the BS-RR Red and BS-RR Yellow and BS-RR Blue were served as trichromatic, and the dyeing process was discussed. The process recipe and condition of bulk production were listed.
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